New Report: Josh Gordon to be Unleashed, Not Limited, Today


The Cleveland Browns were planning to limit Josh Gordon to 20 to 30 snaps. This made sense as concerns for the players health is vitally important. However, according to Jay Glazer via Pro Football Talk the Browns don’t plan to limit Gordon. Instead they plan to unleash him:

Glazer tends to have his pulse on what is going on in the league. An “unleashed” Gordon is exciting. It doesn’t mean Gordon is going to blow up the stats line but the more he is on the field the bigger impact he will have. With Gordon on the field other receivers will be given more space and running backs will be given more clearance.

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It is likely the Browns spent a little time over the past few weeks putting plans in place for Gordon. To unleash him today against a Falcons defense that has struggled against the pass.

The possibility of mis-information out of our front office is likely. They have been very good and sharing only what they believe would help them. They often noted Johnny Manziel wouldn’t play and then he did and vice versa.

As a fan I am excited today that Josh Gordon could be unleashed. I also hope fans aren’t expecting that Gordon will solve all of the team’s problems.

What do you think about the Browns unleashing Josh Gordon today?