Report: Josh Gordon Only Playing 20 – 30 Snaps Today


The Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Browns fans are anxiously awaiting the return of Josh Gordon today. The stud wide receiver sat out the first 10 games of the season, with the Browns surprisingly going 6 – 4 while he is away. He is back today against the Atlanta Falcons.

Fans need to watch closely for #12 because according to this Adam Schefter report he will only be on the field for 20 – 30 plays:

Talk about a bit of a buzzkill. To put that number into perspective, last week against the Houston Texans the Browns threw the ball 50 times and ran another 24, a total of 74 offensive plays. For the season the Browns lowest number of offensive plays was against the Oakland Raiders, 53.

That means we can expect Josh Gordon to play between one-third and one-half of the Browns offensive snaps. But when? Could the Browns use him early, try to stretch out a lead and then sit him for the rest of the game while the team tries to hold on for the victory? Will they space out his plays so he stays fresh but maybe struggles to get in a rhythm? Or will they hold most of his snaps until late in the game?

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What would any of those options do to the offensive continuity?

The Browns likely have Gordon on a snap count to protect him from injury. Historically players returning from holdouts, the best comparisons we have, have struggled with tendon and muscle issues. The Browns cannot afford to lose Gordon so quickly after getting him back. That could be the injury that killed the team’s confidence and season. The excitement of getting your best offensive weapon back only to lose him in the first couple of games would hurt the mentality greatly.

So don’t expect Gordon to run wild like he did when he returned in Week 3 last season. Also do not expect only pass plays when he is on the field, one of the biggest side benefits of Gordon is the attention he draws away from the run game.

How do you feel about Josh Gordon’s snap count plan for today?