Browns Vs Bills: Four Reasons Must Win Game for Cleveland


The Cleveland Browns take on the Buffalo Bills today in a game that is huge for the Browns. While all games are when a team is competing, today’s game with the Bills holds extra meaning for the Browns and could be very decisive.

Let us take a look at the four reasons that the Browns Vs Bills is a huge game:

  1. The Browns need to win. A win puts the Browns at 8 – 4 and for sure a .500 record. No matter who the Browns were playing, a win today is needed given the rest of the teams on the Browns schedule. The Browns must keep pace with the rest of the AFC and wins will be hard to come by down the stretch.
  2. The Browns are competing with the Bills for an AFC Wild Card spot. Playing your competition directly makes each game worth a game and a half. Tiebreakers start with head to head games and go from there. If the Bills win today the two teams will be tied at 7 – 5 but the Browns will lose that tiebreaker.
  3. The Bills are in the AFC. One of the important tiebreakers used is Conference Record. The Browns Conference Record is a big reason they are last among all of the 7 – 4 teams in the AFC. Another loss in the AFC could kill all tiebreaker chances for Cleveland.
  4. The Bills owe the Browns two draft picks next year, a first and a fourth. More losses for the Bills mean a much better pick for the Browns. A loss today could start a downward spiral for the Bills and get the Browns a middle of the round pick. A win could buoy the team and push that pick down into the latter thirds of the round.

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So while every game is important there are four reasons that today’s Browns Vs Bills game is vital to the success of Browns both this season and into the future. If ever there was a must win game for Cleveland it would be today, against a very tough Bills team.

What do you think makes today’s Browns Vs Bills game important?