Justin Gilbert OUT Today for Browns


The Cleveland Browns have been beset by injuries all season, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Now comes word that Justin Gilbert will be out today due to illness:

Many are down on Gilbert because his rookie season hasn’t lived up to expectations, i.e. starting and dominating all season long. They are also down on him because of how well Sammy Watkins has played.

It is only going to fuel their fire that Gilbert is out today against Watkins. Some will think he should suck it up and play while others believe he would have just been torched if he played.

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Either way losing their 3rd or 4th cornerback today hurts, but isn’t deadly. With winds reportedly high the Browns/Bills game is likely to be a low scoring affair. Expect both teams to run the ball and use short passing to supplement the running game.

The Browns are unlikely to have 4 CBs on the field at a time with this type of game. Gilbert has been improving though and could have seen more time in coverage this week with Tashaun Gipson out. The Browns will have limited depth in the secondary today and have to hope everyone stays healthy.

What do you think about Justin Gilbert being out sick today?