Report: Miles Austin Taken to Hospital (Updated)


Update: The Browns released a statement about Miles Austin and it seems he will be okay after suffering a kidney issue:

The Cleveland Browns lost to the Buffalo Bills. More importantly is the report just Tweeted out that Miles Austin has been taken to the hospital with ab pain:

While sadly the comments to the Reed report are very negative and uncaring, that the Browns had Austin taken to the hospital is concerning. According to Tony Grossi he was taken on a stretcher:

That means not only were the team concerned but he was taken via ambulance and the EMTs were concerned enough to put him on a stretcher.

I am not a doctor but there are obvious possible concerns with ab pain including appendix. Other issues related to internal organs including kidneys can be even more concerning.

Austin has been an important part of the Browns offense, often catching important third down passes.

It is possible that Austin was injured when he tried to hurdle a Bills defender near the end of the game.

We will keep you up to date with as much information as we can gather regarding Miles Austin being hospitalized with ab pain.