Report: Johnny Manziel Likely Choice for Browns


According to Ed Werder it looks like the Cleveland Browns are likely to go with Johnny Manziel as their starting quarterback. This is even though Werder’s source believes that Brian Hoyer gives the Browns the best chance to make the playoffs. Even though the source believes that the Browns are unlikely to go back to Hoyer:

This is not so much a surprise as an interesting report. Werder doesn’t explain who his source is, whether they are directly connected with the team or any context of the information. Yet we have heard reports that Head Coach Mike Pettine believes that Hoyer could be the future QB of the Browns but that most of the organization believes otherwise.

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It is not like the Browns are going to a random backup either. Manziel has the winning pedigree from college and was a first round pick. Some had him ranked as the top quarterback in last year’s draft. His dynamic running ability along with a strong arm give him a higher upside than Hoyer but his erratic decision making and pocket presence creates some concerns for a team contending for a playoff spot.

Werder is a long time NFL reporter and is unlikely to send out this type of Tweet without strong information. It is expected that Pettine will make an announcement about the starting QB position sometime tomorrow. Expect more sources to come out with information between now and then. We will share with you anything contradicting Werder’s report or anything that says something similar but we think you will find interesting.

For now it looks like Johnny Manziel is the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, even if some think Brian Hoyer gives them the best shot at the playoffs.

What do you think of Ed Werder’s report about Johnny Manziel?