Could Brian Hoyer Get One More Game?


We have expected a quarterback announcement at any moment today from the Cleveland Browns. Could Brian Hoyer get one more game to see what he can do before possibly turning it back to Johnny Manziel?

According to one ESPN report that is a scenario that is being thrown around:

"*One scenario that’s been considered: Give Hoyer the Colts game, which could be a springboard game to the playoffs, and if he loses, hand keys to Manziel for the final three."

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A very interesting scenario. Hoyer has struggled with some very good defensive lines. The Indianapolis Colts do not have such a line and could give the Browns offense the ability get moving.

Fans are unlikely to be happy with a decision like this and head coach Mike Pettine is unlikely to phrase a decision in this nature. Instead he is likely to say that every week they will look at who they think gives them the best chance to win. If it is Brian Hoyer than he will get the call, if it is Johnny Manziel then it is his ball.

One good note out of that ESPN report is that Jimmy Haslam isn’t intruding on the decision:

"*That ownership doesn’t plan on meddling in this. Jimmy Haslam wants to win and make the playoffs. Whichever quarterback increases those chances, great."

That is a sign of an owner who understands that this is a football decision and nothing else. It seems any concerns about a Jerry Jones type owner can be thrown out the window. Today’s decision is a football one.

What do you think about Brian Hoyer getting one more game?