Browns Depth Chart: QB Spot Listed as TBA


We expect some kind of announcement from the Cleveland Browns soon on their starting quarterback spot. The Browns Depth Chart was released yesterday to the media. Of interest the Browns placed an asterisk before the QB spot. They added to the legend that the * represents that it is TBA (To Be Announced):


It is an interesting decision to place the asterisks there. Unique even, as we haven’t seen them do that in the past.

Little should be read into the fact that Brian Hoyer is listed ahead of Johnny Manziel, that is just them leaving things as is and not starting any type of firestorm before an actual announcement is made.

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At this point is seems that most, if not all, expect Manziel to get the nod. An interesting push nationally is that Hoyer should continue to lead the team as many, including Ron Jaworski, Trent Dilfer and others, believe he gives the Browns the best chance to win.

Browns fans, especially in the past 4 games have had enough of Hoyer. The biggest question that Mike Pettine has to answer is who is responsible for both the wins and losses? If he believes Hoyer has a chance to return to the winning ways he may choose him. Some, including Jaws, believe that Pettine is being pressured by Jimmy Haslam to start Manziel. Pettine and Ray Farmer have not shown that they will make decisions that are not based on what is best for the football team.

What do you think of the Browns Depth Chart showing TBA on the QB spot?