Report: Brian Hoyer Likely Done With Browns After Season


While Brian Hoyer has kept his starting quarterback spot with the Cleveland Browns, his stay with his hometown team is likely short. According to a report by Adam Schefter, Hoyer is likely done with the Browns after the season:

It was always going to be an interesting decision for the team to make this off-season, and they still could have to deal with it if the team makes the playoffs. Hoyer is the hometown kid, but no one believes he was a Franchise QB. Yet Hoyer was leading the team to victories, but first round pick Johnny Manziel was waiting in the wings. Mike Pettine loves the hard work of Hoyer, but his limitations show up on film more and more as the year goes on.

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All of that makes this report unsurprising but interesting that it comes out now. Hoyer is still the starting quarterback. The Browns are still right in the thick of the playoff chase. Manziel has proven very little, besides the fact that he is very exciting. And now this report.

Brian Hoyer’s future was the talk of the first half, or more, of the season. After he helped dissect the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football Deion Sanders claimed he was a $100 million dollar man.  If Hoyer is able to lead the Browns to the playoffs the discussion will continue. Will the Browns use the Transition Tag again? Will another team offer him a big deal to be their starting QB? How would Cleveland fans respond if the team let go the QB that led them to the promised playoff land?

All those questions are likely mute and we can now go on preparing for the Johnny Manziel era in Cleveland. Schefter’s report just helps confirm it.

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What do you think if the Cleveland Browns let Brian Hoyer go after the season?