Report: Johnny Manziel Named Browns Starter


The wait is unofficially over. Jay Glazer is reporting that Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer have been notified that Manziel will be the Cleveland Browns starter Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals:

Jay Glazer does a great job of breaking stories. He broke last week that Hoyer would be starting. The media world is nothing but happy with this decision. Manziel is a lightening rod and him starting will get a ton of media coverage.

It also seems like Browns players are ready for the switch. While the Browns are not out of the playoff race, last week’s performance by the defense should have led to a victory. That it did not, that the Browns offense was unable to make plays with great field position, falls on Hoyer’s head.

Based on Mike Pettine’s comments after the game it seems like that blame should fall on Hoyer as well as some of his receivers. Hoyer did not play well, seemed to be pressing and couldn’t hit wide open players. On the other hand Josh Gordon and Travis Benjamin dropped passes that could have changed the game.

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Instead we now have the unveiling of Johnny Manziel as the full time quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. He will likely have a few exciting plays as well as plays that create concern. The Browns, specifically Kyle Shanahan, will have to create a game plan to deal with his limitations.

It is possible that Shanahan adds some read option elements into the game, as well as some creative read option pass plays. The Bengals defense has been good over the past few years but is dealing with all kinds of injuries. Fairly or not, his first start will be compared to the first Browns/Bengals game where Hoyer picked apart the Bengals. Leading Deion Sanders to call him a $100 million dollar man.

We will review this decision even farther today and leading up to kickoff. For now, unofficially, Johnny Manziel is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

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