Johnny Manziel Second Quarter Play Analysis


Normally here at Dawg Pound Daily we give you analysis of big play quarterly as well as summaries for each quarter. We hope it is helpful for those who can’t watch the game and for those processing the game during and after.

Today we switch it up a bit and instead will be analyzing Johnny Manziel. In particular we are going to focus on his decision making and his throws. We will be looking at how he goes through his progressions, decisions in Zone Read situations, accuracy on his throws and how/when he makes the decision to pull the ball down and run.

Quarterly Analysis

1st Quarter

  •  First play after Bengals take 17 – 0 lead, Johnny Manziel hits Jordan Cameron on a tight end screen.
    • Play called back due to ineligible man down field, questionable call.
    • Great play by Manziel. Sidearmed the throw to Cameron, under defenders arm.
    • Not a play Hoyer likely makes.
    • Feet allowed him to keep the play alive a bit longer.
  • Deep pass play to Josh Gordon is incomplete.
    • Ball thrown behind and high on Gordon, got him hit hard.
    • Gordon was open so decision was good.
  • Next pass intercepted.
    • Ball floated on him.
    • Ball was thrown late.
    • Right decision as Andrew Hawkins was open.
  • After Bengals field goal, Manziel hits Gordon on a quick screen.
    • Fine throw, sidearmed a bit behind Gordon.
    • Only decision Manziel had on the play.
  • On 3rd and short, Manziel misses Jim Dray forcing a punt.
    • Moved around but looked down field.
    • Pass was far too high.
    • Decision was fine as linebacker drawn in by possibility of Manziel run.
    • Would have been a first down.
  • Manziel gets the ball back after an amazing Craig Robertson interception.
    • Ball on the 30 yard line.
  • First 3 plays hand offs to Isaiah Crowell.
    • Browns go for it on 4th and 1
    • Another hand off to Crowell gets them a first down.
    • Offensive staff taking the ball out of Manziel’s hand.
  • Zone Read Pass is incomplete.
    • Rey Maualuga knocks down the pass at the line.
    • Good decision by Manziel.
    • Bad decision to throw with Maualuga right there.
  • Manziel’s quick in is tipped and intercepted.
    • Good decision.
    • Pass high and behind Benjamin.
    • Benjamin could have caught the ball but not a good throw.
    • Play overturned due to penalty.
  • On a play action, half boot, Manziel hits Josh Gordon for a big play into field goal range.
    • Linemen was in Manziel’s face right away.
    • Bad mechanics on the throw.
    • Throw worked and was accurate.
    • Often that pass could lead to an INT.
  • Not a Manziel issue but Browns can’t get the right players on the field after 2 minute warning and are forced to call a timeout.
    • Whole team struggling today.
  • On a design QB run Manziel takes off for a decent gain inside the redzone.
    • Solid decision making in open field gives Manziel 9 yards.
  • On the next play Manziel has time in the pocket, then flushed outside before throwing an INT.
    • Bad decision.
    • Bad throw.
    • Bad quarter
    • Browns lose chance to score before halftime.
      • Could have been huge as Browns get ball after the half.

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That was a bad, bad quarter. All of the concerns about Johnny Manziel were shown in this quarter. Bad decisions, poor throws and turnovers. Manziel’s decision making has been poor as the speed of the NFL is far different than what he saw in the SEC. The Browns defense has been gashed all game and likely would be losing by a ton with Brian Hoyer at QB as well. The offense has been conservative, it seems like the coaching staff doesn’t trust him. His play is showing a bit why. So far 4 – 9 for 22 yards and 2 INTs. Another could have been but he threw a pick later in that drive.

Manziel Grade

Manziel was terrible. The offensive line didn’t help much but he can’t have that many turnovers. Everything we were worried about and likely the reason Manziel hasn’t played until now.

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