NFL Playoffs: Browns Miracles Needed, but Possible


The Cleveland Browns are not mathematically eliminated from the NFL Playoffs. They still have a bit of a chance to make the field and possibly make some noise. The Browns ability to make the NFL Playoffs depends on a number of signficant games, with any one going the wrong way and the Browns will be eliminated from playoff contention, even if they win out.

(We used both the New York Times Simulator, very helpful, and the ESPN Simulator, to confirm NYT results, to go over the needed results.)

So lets take a look at what needs to happen in the next two weeks for the Browns to the NFL Playoffs:

Week 16

  1. Browns defeat the Carolina Panthers
  2. 49ers defeat the Chargers
  3. Texans defeat the Ravens
  4. Steelers defeat the Chiefs
  5. Raiders defeat the Bills

Week 17

  1. Browns defeat the Baltimore Ravens
  2. Jaguars defeat the Texans
  3. Chargers and Chiefs TIE
  4. Patriots defeat the Bills

Week 16 or 17

  1. The Dolphins must lose to either the Vikings or Jets

NFL Playoffs

If all of that happens the Cleveland Browns would make the playoffs as the 6th seed.

Why A Miracle is Needed?

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First and foremost the Chiefs and Chargers have to tie. Ties are very rare in the NFL. This year we have already had one, Bengals and Panthers, so statistically it is very unlikely we would have another. Since 1974 there have only been 20 tie games in the entire NFL. Twice, 1986 and 1997, has there been two ties in a season. The Chiefs and Chargers are both talented and know each other well, so their is a chance. Just a very small chance.

Then we get to all the other games the Browns need to fall their way. The Browns can beat the Panthers and Ravens, although those games will be very tough. But the Browns also need an upset by the Raiders over the Bills, Jaguars over the Texans and either the Jets or Vikings to upset the Dolphins. They also need the Patriots not to rest any players in Week 17 since they have already clinched their division.

Anything is Possible.

We will be watching these games closely, starting with tonight’s Niners/Chargers game. With one bad result and the Browns season is up in flames. We are of unending hope over here at Dawg Pound Daily. Could you imagine what would happen if Johnny Manziel was able to sneak the Browns into the playoffs? With a defense getting healthy and time to gel on offense, the Browns could be a force.

Alas it is not likely to be but at least we know who we need to root for.

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