Browns Vs Ravens: 2nd Quarter Ramblings


The Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens square off in a game that means nothing to the Browns and could mean either everything or nothing to the Ravens.

Instead of our normal quarterly analysis, today we will give you the rambling thoughts that pass through this author’s head as we get a bit of reprieve from the craziness of this morning. Welcome to the Browns Vs Ravens

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter Ramblings

  • “Either the Ravens are really tight or are playing down to the Browns because their offense looks terrible.”
  • “Why don’t they just run them all the time. Browns run defense has been terrible.”
  • Mitchell Schwartz has been a whipping boy for fans but he seems to really need replaced this off-season.”
  • “Don’t think 3rd and 27 is good for Connor Shaw. Just hand it off.” – They did just hand it off. Terrance West got 8 yards.
  • “I’m so fried I totally missed Isaiah Crowell getting a carry. Been that kind of morning huh Jared?”
  • “How the crap do you let Joe Flacco hang out for a few seconds then run for a first down?”
  • “At least K’Waun Williams looks like a solid nickelback going forward. Doubt we re-sign Buster Skrine for tons of reasons including Williams.”
  • “We only have given up 3 points in a game that doesn’t matter to us but matters to them. Playing like a Brown.”
  • “Look at you Terrance West. Hurdle a guy. Very motivated today in his hometown.”

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  • “Might as well go for it on 4th and 2. And sweet we got it.”
  • “Not sure I want the Browns to win but I want to keep the Ravens out of the playoffs for sure.”
  • “If Connor Shaw moves on from progression to Jordan Cameron one second earlier a first down. He didn’t and he is sacked. NFL success that razor thin.”
  • “Be nice to hold the Ravens down before half. Surprised I care about the results of this game today. Good for the Browns.”
  • Paul Kruger really knows how to find the ball on strip sacks. Guess he is earning that salary and roster spot next year.”
  • “Way to play it safe with 50 seconds left. Take some knees.”
  • “Well the game is tied and we get the ball after half. Maybe winning would be good. Chiefs are losing so we win and we keep the Ravens out of the playoffs and go 8 – 8.”

What are you ramblings from the 2nd quarter of Browns Vs Ravens?