Report: Johnny Manziel Throws Big Party Friday Night; Problems Ensue


The Cleveland Browns suspended Josh Gordon yesterday for today’s game. Now comes a report that Johnny Manziel threw a big party Friday Night that was attended by many of the Browns players:

"The Browns suspended former star receiver Josh Gordon for today’s season finale after he missed a walk-through Saturday, while first-round quarterback Johnny Manziel was fined for being late for treatment after throwing a big party Friday night attended by many members of the club."

The report by Jason LaCanfora, who is a well respected NFL journalist, talks through all the concerns that the Browns have with both Manziel and Gordon. The report focuses mostly on Gordon, who some inside the Browns says “has to go” but the Manziel piece is more troubling.

The quarterback is suppose to be the leader of the team. Manziel leading his team by throwing a party for them a couple days before the last game of the season is not the kind of leading we are talking about. It is especially troubling coming a few days after Manziel talked about maturing during his rookie season and knowing what he has to do to improve.

According to the report more than just Manziel were late Saturday, although names were not released. That is the kind of pull Manziel has on other people, which can be used for the good or the bad. So far we have seen all the bad. The Browns were so concerned that Manziel hadn’t made it to get his treatment on his hamstring that they sent their security staff over to check on him.

To top it off LaCanfora throws rookie Justin Gilbert in with the bunch, stating that the team is concerned about his maturity level and “whose reputation has sunk within the organization.” While the Manziel and Gordon issues are not overly surprising, very little character concerns presented themselves for the corner coming out of college.

For Gilbert there may be hope, his past doesn’t present nearly the concerns that Manziel’s or Gordon’s does but for the other two you have to wonder.

Gordon is likely to appeal the Browns decision to suspend him, as it impacts his free agency after next season, while Manziel will likely get a chance to earn the starting QB job next season.

We don’t expect the Browns to give into Gordon but they could decide enough is enough and trade or cut him quickly. They are unlikely to though as they want to set a precedence with players.

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Manziel on the other hand could be in for a long off-season. The Browns could re-sign Brian Hoyer, unlikely, or go after Mark Sanchez, Michael Vick, Kirk Cousins or other free agent quarterbacks. They also could explore drafting a QB early this year as well. While trading for Marcus Mariota would be tough, Brett Hundley is known to intrigue GM Ray Farmer. The Browns could enter next Training Camp with Johnny Manziel, a veteran QB and a high round draft pick all competing for the starting spot.

Wouldn’t be shocking to see the Browns try to move Manziel this off-season but his stock, like Gordon’s, couldn’t be much lower. Would have to hope Jerry Jones‘ lust for Manziel wins out over his football people.

Johnny Manziel threw a big party the Friday night before the Browns travel for their final game of the season. The man who is supposed to lead the team as a professional pulled a Johnny Moxon from Varsity Blues:

Johnny Moxon = Johnny Manziel

How are you feeling about Johnny Manziel and the Cleveland Browns future today?