Josh Gordon Tweets Love of Teammates, Coaches


Just as Johnny Manziel denied having a party Friday night and denied that Josh Gordon was with him, Gordon tweeted out his love for his teammates and coaches:

It was almost like the two were reading from the same PR script. Manziel was being attacked for throwing a party and helping lead teammates astray while Gordon was being attacked for wanting out of Cleveland. Both then address each issue in their own way.

Gordon showed very little that showed he cared for his teammates and coaches during the season. His effort seemed lax, starting all the way back to Training Camp. At that time his looming suspension seemed to be the explanation.

Once he returned he seemed out of shape, ran incorrect routes and was far less engaged than the Josh Gordon of last year. His stats were pathetic compared to the amount of talent he has.

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All of that didn’t show a care or concern for his teammates or coaches. Violating team rules, especially being late, or missing, meetings and practices shows that you care about yourself.

What Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine decide to do with Josh Gordon won’t be impacted by anything Gordon does from this point on. Farmer has two years of experience with Gordon and Pettine has parts of this season. They have a good idea of what they can get out of Gordon.

Instead now the question is what can they get FOR him, as in a trade. He is ultra talented but his possibility of suspension and his attitude issues make it unlikely that the Browns will get anything near his talent level.

What do you think of Josh Gordon’s tweet compared to his behavior/performance this year?