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The Cleveland Browns season is over. We will spend a good amount of time reviewing the season but we will spend even more time preparing for the off-season. Browns free agency seems destined to be an interesting one. The Browns spent a little bit of money last year with anticipating of building through the draft for long term success. The 2014 was expected to be another down year with high expectations towards the future.

Instead the 2014 started off strong and ended with a thud. Now the Browns are full of salary cap space, even though they have a few free agents of their own they might like to sign, as well as 10 picks in the NFL Draft, including two 1st rounders. It is likely that GM Ray Farmer and Head Coach Mike Pettine see a greater need for more veteran talent on a very young roster and we expect them to be aggressive in seeking to bring in that talent during Browns free agency.

In preparation for such we will be taking a look at certain players that we think the Browns could target. Keep in mind we are not saying that these are players they are targeting, although some rumors may start to leak of the Browns having interest in them, instead these are players that we think the Browns could or should have interest in. Our profile will try to include as much information as possible to prepare you for free agency.

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Dec 28, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore (21) rushes for a gain during the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at Levi


Frank Gore




5’9 217 pounds

2014 Team

San Francisco 49ers


255 attempts; 1,106 yards; 4 TDs; 2 Fumbles; 11 receptions; 111 yards; t TD

PFF Grade/Rank:

Grade = -.08, Rank = 18th Running Back

2014 Free Agent Signing Comparison Contract

Maurice Jones-Drew – 3 years, $7.25 million with $1.2 million guaranteed

Fit with the Browns

Gore’s fit with the Browns is limited to his veteran experience and talent. The Browns currently have three rookies on their depth chart but have no veteran presence to carry the load. Gore’s style doesn’t fit the Zone Blocking Scheme that the Browns run. He is much better as a downhill rusher. With Jim Harbaugh leaving for Michigan, Gore could actually decide to leave the Niners, or he could retire. The Browns will likely target a veteran tailback but Gore is not likely to be the one.

Browns Player Signing Could Impact

Glenn Winston – Winston got limited time with the Browns offense but was very good on special teams when he was active. Gore, or another veteran back, is not going to play on special teams but the numbers game could hurt Winston, a big powerful back. With a veteran signing Terrance West and/or Isaiah Crowell may need to play in the kicking game.

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How Signing Could Impact the NFL Draft

Very little. The Browns are unlikely to add another young runner to their backfield. They traded up to get West and have invested in Crowell this season. While players like Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurley are talented, and could fit the scheme, the Browns need an experienced head in the running back group.


Medium – Signing Frank Gore may not be the priority but signing a veteran back will be. The Browns will try to balance finding a back who can still give them good production with one who is mature enough to be a part of a running back committee, and mentor the young guys. Basically the anti-Ben Tate. Mike Pettine and Kyle Shanahan are likely to beg for a guy like this.

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