Could Cardale Jones Be a Brown Next Year?


The Cleveland Browns have not answered their long standing quarterback question. The Ohio State Buckeyes are going to the National Title Game with their third stringer, Cardale Jones.

The Browns QB situation is pretty clear: Either Johnny Manziel develops and is their Franchise Guy (whatever that means) or they will have to draft someone to become that guy. High quality QBs don’t come available in the NFL. The last few good ones that have all came from interesting circumstances: Drew Brees and Carson Palmer are the best examples.

What Cardale Jones does following the end of this season is a far more complex situation. I cover the Buckeyes for our Local Site and went through a list of reasons that Jones could decide to enter the NFL Draft (New Window). The main reasons are simple: He has already sat a few years, the Buckeyes will have J.T. Barrett and possibly Braxton Miller ahead of him on the depth chart, he doesn’t exactly love school and he already could be a solid mid-round pick.

Pretty high for a player who has only started two games, with a third coming in the biggest college football game of the year. But what if, what if Cardale Jones decides to enter the NFL Draft? Could the Cleveland native come home and become the Browns developmental quarterback? A quick trip right up Interstate 71 could lead Jones to his future NFL home. Why would the Browns draft Jones?

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  • Let us count the reasons:

        1. Johnny Manziel has proven nothing, except that he wasn’t ready, or mature enough, to lead the Browns last year.
        2. The Browns have needed a quarterback for years and drafting one until they find the right one makes sense.
        3. They have extra draft picks in the 1st, 4th and 6th round so taking a chance with a 3rd or 4th round pick is not that risky, especially spending it on the most important position in the NFL.
        4. Jones is 6’5″ and over 250 pounds. He is built for the NFL, built for the AFC North.
        5. Jones has thrown for 618 yards in a little over two games.
        6. Jones also has 6 TDs to only 1 INT.
        7. He is completing a decent percentage early in his career: 58%
        8. He has run for 258 yards on a 5.1 yards per carry average.
        9. Mike Pettine and Kyle Shanahan like to run the ball including using the QB.
          1. With his size, Jones can run the ball without big concerns about his health.
          2. Landon Collins, a likely high 1st rounder, got hurt trying to tackle Jones because of the size of Cardale.
        10. Jones has a big arm and isn’t afraid to use it to go deep with a quick flick of the wrist.
          1. Perfect fit with the play action passing game of Shanahan.

    So that is 10 reasons in text. We also give you two reasons via Vine:

    Running the Ball

    Deep Ball

    Pretty impressive huh?

    Nothing is guaranteed with Jones, hence the 3rd or 4th round price tag, but given the Browns needs for years taking a chance on a big, strong armed quarterback who can run is a good idea.

    Jones’ limit experience and immaturity could be a concern given everything the Browns went through last season. Reports from Urban Meyer and the rest of the Buckeyes are that Jones has matured greatly. Many have talked about how Jones’ daughter has sped up his maturing process. He is committed to being in his daughter’s life.

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    A few years ago the Browns used a 3rd round pick on a “winner” in Colt McCoy. The short, weak armed QB was a solid starter in college but was very limited as an athlete. His arm alone has kept him from starting, except for some spot starts, since leaving the Browns. If McCoy was worth a chance in the 3rd, Cardale Jones is a lock if I am the Cleveland Browns General Manager and I am drafting in the middle of the 3rd this year.

    Johnny Manziel, Brian Hoyer and Cardale Jones could be the three quarterbacks competing for the Browns next year. Jones will need some time to develop but the combination of him and a veteran QB, expect the Browns to bring one in whether it is Hoyer or another, should be enough to challenge Manziel to be his best. If he can’t, Jones will be waiting in the wings in a year or two.

    The Browns version of Ben Roethlisberger could be on his way to Cleveland, right after he wins The Ohio State Buckeyes a National Championship.

    What do you think about Cardale Jones possibly being on the Browns next season? Where would you draft him if he came out after the season?

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