Report: Charlie Weis Contacted by Browns In Case Shanahan Leaves


The Cleveland Browns could have another void on their team, one that they didn’t expect. Kyle Shanahan could be interested in other jobs, we talked about the Buffalo Bills job here, and a report is out that the Browns have reached out to Charlie Weis, and others, about filling the role if Shanny leaves:

La Canfora doesn’t give any other names but Weis is a big enough name that he will draw a ton of interest from Browns fans. Whether his experience and ability lives up to his name is another question.

Weis rose to the national conscious as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots from 200 to 2004. He was then hired by Notre Dame to try to restore that team back to it’s former glory. With Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija, the fighting Irish had a respectable 9 – 2 record in Weis first season. The Ohio State Buckeyes took care of them in the Fiesta Bowl 34 – 20 to end his season on a negative note.

The following year the Irish finished 10 – 2 but again were beat in their BCS Bowl. The next 3 seasons were bad. The Irish finished 3 – 9, 6 – 6 and 6 – 6 before Weis was fired and replaced by Brian Kelly late in 2009.

The following year Weis resurfaced as the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team went 10 – 6 and finished with the best run game in the league that year. They had the 9th best overall offense.

At the end of that season he left KC to become the OC at Florida. That only lasted a season as well, and the Florida offense struggled. Yet somehow in December of that year he was hired as the head coach at Kansas. The basketball school struggled to recruit and Weis’ name wasn’t enough anymore to draw players.

The Jayhawks went 1 -11, 3 -9 and he was fired during the season this year.

According to an ESPN report he was fired for lack of progress on the field:

"“I appreciate what Coach Weis did with several facets of our football program,” Zenger said. “But we have not made the on-the-field progress we believe we should. I believe new leadership gives our coaches and players the best chance to make a fresh start.”Despite Weis’ background as an offensive coordinator, the Jayhawks had struggled on that side of the ball under his leadership. Kansas ranked last in the Big 12 in scoring in 2012 and 2013, and is last at the moment again with an average of 15.3 points per game."

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Now the Browns have shown interest in him taking over their offense. Maybe it is a good thing. Weis has shown that he can be successful as an OC but struggles greatly leading the team.

With the Patriots and Chiefs Weis was very successful while in college he struggled. A return to the pros, with the Browns solid offensive line and young running backs, as well as draft picks to improve the rest of the offense, could help him succeed.

For now he is just one name that could possibly replace Kyle Shanahan. There is some talk that Shanahan could be interested in pairing up with his father, Mike Shanahan. The elder Shanny could take over either in the Front Office or the Head Coaching job with his son under him, either as the Head Coach or offensive coordinator.

The Browns are smart to due some diligence on possible replacements. Charlie Weis is an interesting name with NFL OC history that says he could succeed. Who else they might look to is another question.

What do you think about Charlie Weis possibly replacing Kyle Shanahan?

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