Report: Duron Carter Worked Out By Browns Friday


The Cleveland Browns have a universally assumed need at the wide receiver. They have a chance to sign some in free agency and/or draft them in the NFL Draft. Duron Carter however will be available much earlier. As a CFL free agent Carter is actually eligible to sign following the Super Bowl.

The Browns have reportedly worked out Carter yesterday:

The Browns have been reportedly on Carter since before even the team’s season ended. GM Ray Farmer reportedly met with Carter in Cleveland a month ago and now have worked him out. There had been some talk that Carter would do a Pro Day type workout for all teams to attend but that seems to have gone by the wayside.

Carter creates a certain level of problems for the Browns right now. Not only did they let their offensive coordinator out of his contract, Kyle Shanahan, but they have also fired their QB and WR coaches. So while the team worked him out there was a limited number of offensive coaches available to both run the workout as well as evaluate the talent.

Receiver is a little different than offensive linemen or running backs in evaluation. While the line and backs need to fit a certain mold, receivers are a little less pigeon holed into systems. Some systems do fit some players better or worse but it is not as significant as other positions related to the coordinator. Shanahan’s system for example didn’t put a priority on size but on route running and hands. Carter may have been less interesting to him. Hopefully the new coordinator will be able to work with any talented player.

Carter is one such talented player but just how talented is an interesting discussion. The 6’5″ former Ohio State Buckeyes receiver, son of former Buckeye great and Hall of Famer Chris Carter, has made his rounds. He had academic issues that caused him problems at OSU, Alabama and Florida Atlantic. This is what his father had to say about his son’s travels, via ESPN:

"“He didn’t commit a crime, he has no tattoos, he has no kids, and he’s a pleasant kid. His thing is he hates school, though. And I’m his dad. He’s really bright; he’s got an IQ over 130. He just hates school. We gave him the pretest on the Wonderlic. He got a 28. … He. Just. Hates. School.”"

Guess he hates school. Teams have to wonder about his willingness and ability to achieve in the school that is the NFL. He will be required to study, study film and take tests all the time, especially during Training Camp. Does he have the work ethic and study habits that will help him be successful in the pros? After last year’s issues with Johnny Manziel you can be sure that is something Farmer and HC Mike Pettine have put higher on their priorities board.

Carter went undrafted by the NFL and signed with the Montreal Alouettes. He put up good numbers in his two years in the CFL. He had 49 catches for 909 yards and 5 TDs his first season there and 75 catches for 1,030 yards and 7 TDs this season. He finished tied for 2nd in receiving TDs and 3rd in the league in receptions and receiving yards.

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His production in the CFL is what has led to a number of teams being interested in him in free agency. His physical gifts are the same as they were when he went undrafted two years ago and didn’t make the Minnesota Vikings after a Rookie Camp Tryout. His ability to show production on the field is what is new and now he could have his choice of teams when he is eligible to sign.

For the Browns Carter could be a perfect fit. He could fill the #2 role across from Josh Gordon and benefit from single coverage, especially with the possibility of Jordan Cameron at tight end (if the Browns re-sign him) and Andrew Hawkins in the slot. That would be a very dangerous pass catching group. Yet most expect Gordon to be gone this off-season which would allow Carter to come in as the primary target along with likely either another free agent signing or a high draft pick.

With a solid run game, good offensive line and opportunities in Cleveland, the Browns could be Carter’s choice. The lack of an offensive coordinator and more importantly the lack of a top level QB could derail those chances. Rumor is that Carter would like to play with Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. He would have far less chances as a primary option there but would have a far better QB.

What do you think about the Browns working out Duron Carter yesterday?

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