NFL Mock Draft: Matt Miller’s 2 Rd is Interesting


The Cleveland Browns have 10 picks in the NFL Draft including two in the 1st Round. That makes NFL Mock Drafts very interesting to Browns fans. We will continue to cover as many national Mock Drafts from the guys who bring it with great evaluations or those who just bring interesting.

Matt Miller from Bleacher Report is someone you can expect us to always cover. He has done a great job of building his own brand but not through gimmicks or even a big network (at least when he started, now B/R is doing very well). Instead Miller has built a following based on hardwork and consistency.

He brought us a Two Round Mock at the end of the week. Unlike many of his Mocks, this one did not include any narrative from Miller. The last time he did this we gave you what we think Matt thought. Today we will look at why the picks make sense and why they don’t.

On to Matt’s Two Round NFL Mock Draft:

"12. CLVWR Kevin White"

Why It Makes Sense – The Browns have a need at wide receiver, especially a receiver who can be the team’s #1 target quickly. White is a senior with college experience and the body type to be the team’s #1.

Why It Doesn’t Make Sense – GM Ray Farmer has made it clear that he doesn’t value the wide receiver position. White is also the 3rd receiver off the board in Miller’s draft. Farmer isn’t likely to overpay for a “need.” If the Browns sign a free agent receiver, Duron Carter is eligible to be signed right after the Super Bowl, this pick will likely change.

"19. CLVDT Malcom Brown"

Why It Makes Sense – The Browns also have a need, a big need, on the interior of the defensive line. Brown fills that need well. Danny Shelton, often mocked to the Browns, is off the board being picked #4 overall.

Why It Doesn’t Make Sense – Brown played for a Texas defense that struggled, would be the 3rd DT off the board, and isn’t as physically developed as is needed for the nose. Brown could be a steal here but there are some concerns.

"11. CLVTE Maxx Williams"

Why It Makes Sense – Jordan Cameron could be gone, Williams is the top tight end in the draft, tight ends benefit from the rules in today’s NFL and the Browns need offensive weapons. Williams is a huge target and is highly athletic.

Why It Doesn’t Make Sense – With Miller’s draft the Browns would be adding two offensive weapons. Farmer has made it clear that he may not value these positions as much. The Browns have needs in other spots that would be ignored with two offensive weapons taken in the top 3.

Love this draft for the Browns. With Michael Bowie and Alex Mack coming back, the offensive line could be less important to be addressed. Instead here the Browns address three big needs. White and Williams will help make the offense go while Brown can help the worst run defense in the league.

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The Browns would be lucky to have Williams drop that far but if he does he almost has to be the pick. Even if the Browns re-sign Cameron, or go after another tight end like Charles Clay, drafting the talented Williams would be a good use of draft picks.

White has been a popular pick for the Browns. His Combine results will be particularly interesting and could help him solidify his position or cause him to fall into the 2nd round.

Brown joins Shelton as the top 2 players that can fill the nose position for the Browns. While their value could be less than where they are picked, the limited options at the position make it hard for the Browns to pass on them. Similarly to the tight end position with Williams.

What do you think of Matt Miller’s NFL Mock Draft?

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