NFL Mock Draft: Dan Kadar’s Browns Trade Up Mock


The Cleveland Browns are in a interesting spot in the upcoming NFL Draft and because of that all the NFL Mock Draft write-ups will be interesting. The Browns are not high enough that they are in line, based on current thinking, to draft a quarterback, yet they are the only team with 2 picks in the first round. They have a very talented team, so multiple picks are not as important, yet they are missing answers at the most important positions.

Most NFL Mock Drafts have Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston going 1 and 2 in some order. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee Titans are in line to take those two QBs according to current convention.

Yet what happens if the Titans or the Bucs pass on one or both of the QBs? Or what happens if the Browns fall in love with one of them and the top two teams drafting are willing to move down?

The latter happened in Dan Kadar’s NFL Mock Draft this morning. First here is the information from Kadar, who does a great job, ramping up to the trade and selection:

"Three times the Cleveland Browns have been involved with those trades. The Browns are in a position to make the leap again.Dropping down and getting Cleveland’s two first-round picks would let the Titans theoretically add two starters in the first round. With a roster light on talented players, Tennessee could quickly restock via a trade."

So, according to Kadar, the Browns give up both of their first round picks in exchange for the #2 overall pick. According to the handy Draft Trade Value Chart this would fall 525 points shy of equal value, the equivalent of a high 2nd round pick. Dan is less worried about the details of the trade, which is perfectly understandable at this point, but assume that it would cost the Browns more than those two picks to move up to #2. If one of the QBs, Mariota is our expectation, falls then those two picks could be enough.

In Kadar’s NFL Mock Draft that leaves the Browns to select at #2, whichever QB the Bucs did not select:

"2. Cleveland Browns: Marcus Mariota, QB, OregonHow could the Browns give up on Johnny Manziel after he played about seven quarters? Because the NFL is a fickle business. And because he didn’t do anything on the field to stop the Browns from going after another quarterback. It’s an especially intriguing scenario if you add in the old rumor from last year that Browns general manager Ray Farmer likes Mariota."

We have it on good authority that the rumor Kadar speaks of is very accurate. Mariota would have likely been the Browns selection last year, possibly as high as #4, and would likely be their pick this year if they have a shot at him.

Mariota would create an interesting issue for the Browns. He is in need of some development, not as much as Johnny Manziel was but still some, and the Browns would still need to bring in a veteran QB that they would hope could start for a season at least.

Mariota’s presence should push Manziel but also make him available. A good problem to have, one that Andy Reid and the Eagles often took advantage of. If the Browns can develop both young guys, while playing a veteran like Ryan Mallett, Mark Sanchez, Jake Locker or someone else, then they could move Manziel down the road.

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Trading two firsts is never a slam dunk decision. Last year the Bills did it, plus a 4th, to get Sammy Watkins. If a wide receiver, any wide receiver, is worth it than a QB for sure is. Quarterbacks make receivers better, rarely does it work the other way.

To be clear, even if the Browns draft Mariota it is likely he will need to sit a year to really develop the talent he needs to succeed. He has all the intangibles and physical gifts but needs to work on the mental aspect of the game. Even with that he is one and a half steps ahead of Manziel, no intangibles and some physical limitations to go along with struggles with the mental aspects of the game.

Looking at the teams that made the playoffs, especially those who went pretty far, it is clear that the quarterback position is vital to the success of the team. The Browns wouldn’t be going all in for Mariota here but they would be betting pretty heavy. QB is the position where betting is a necessary risk.

What do you think of Dan Kadar’s NFL Mock Draft and the trade up for Marcus Mariota?

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