Browns Rumor: Two New Coaches To Be Interviewed This Week


The Cleveland Browns have not hired a new offensive coordinator and need to fill most of their offensive staff. A new Browns rumor has two new coaches added to the list of those to be interviewed: Anthony Lynn and Al Saunders:

Fowler worded that tweet very interestingly and hasn’t responded to anyone’s request for clarity, nor has he written anything on ESPN. “Were scheduled” is a past tense wording. It could easily mean that the scheduling happened in the past or, and more gossip oriented, that they had interviews scheduled but they don’t any more. We are guessing it is the former and he will clarify later, when not busy at the Senior Bowl and all the happenings there.

Saunders is a name that we expected would join the discussion soon. He just finished his fourth season with the Oakland Raiders. He served in a unique role as the “Senior Offensive Assistant.” That is the type of role that we could see for the 67 year old coach. Last year he helped with the development of Derek Carr, which could be a huge draw for the Browns, whether for Johnny Manziel or another QB. The Browns know the importance of the quarterback position.

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Saunders has coached with the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens and the Oakland Raiders. He has been a disciple of the Air Coryell system that Norv Turner and Mike Martz also use. He is a bit more diverse than just a down the field offense based on his years of experience in the league. He is a natural fit with John DeFilippo, the young quarterbacks coach for Oakland that the Browns may have their eyes on for the coordinator position. Saunders could reprise his role as Senior Offensive Assistant.

Anthony Lynn has been a coach with the New York Jets for 6 years, Browns HC Mike Pettine worked on the staff with him. He served as Rex Ryan’s Assistant Head Coach as well as coaching running backs. Lynn played in the NFL for a few years as a journeyman running back. He coached in Denver, Jacksonville, Dallas and the Jets as well as with the Browns as their running back coach starting in 2007.

Lynn could be an off the radar type hire like Pettine was last year. His focus in the running game could pair with a Saunders or Martz who are more focused in the pass game. With a new head coach in New York, Lynn could also make a lateral move to the Browns as well. A staff of Saunders, DeFilippo and Lynn would be a strong start to a solid offensive staff.

What do you think of the two coaches in this Browns rumor?

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