Browns Quarterback Situation Muddy But Clear


The Cleveland Browns quarterback situation is muddy but clear. You read that correctly. Somehow the team has figured out how to have one situation that can be described with two words which are in essence the opposite of each other. Very rarely is a clear situation muddy not a muddy situation clear. Yet the Cleveland Browns have accomplished that with regards to the most important position on the football field.


First the situation is muddied. Literally owner Jimmy Haslam used the word muddy to describe how head coach Mike Pettine described the quarterback situation:

Now we all would agree. Even new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo stated that he is unsure whether the Browns quarterback is currently on the roster. A very muddy situation indeed. The following are possible scenarios that realistic could play out at the most important position on the Browns:

  • Johnny Manziel could be the starter.
  • Brian Hoyer could return and be the starter.
  • The Browns could bring in a veteran quarterback to be the starter next year.
  • The Browns could trade for a quarterback.
  • The Browns could draft a high level quarterback in the NFL Draft.
    • On record that Marcus Mariota will fall on Draft Day and could be the selection.
    • Brett Hundley is another name to watch.

That is the definition of muddy. The options are endless and fans will likely prefer one over another with few, if any, believing their is a guaranteed solution to the problem. So, so muddy. Yet somehow in the midst of that there is clarity.


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So how is a situation that we all agree is muddy somehow also clear? Simple: Everyone that matters agrees that Johnny Manziel proved nothing and may not be the solution to the long term problem. Owner Jimmy Haslam, GM Ray Farmer, HC Mike Pettine, OC John DeFilippo and the homeless guy on the corner that talks to Haslam, either real or imagined, all agree that the team has a problem moving forward that must be addressed.

It is clear to all of them and that clarity is going to create unity. The Browns were disjointed last year. Haslam, still learning how to own a professional sports franchise took a text from the QB coach that Manziel sent about “Wrecking the League.” He talked to a homeless guy. He, along with Joe Banner, pushed for Pettine to hire Kyle Shanahan. Someone from the executive office was texting the coaching staff.

Haslam seems to have learned from last year. Pettine has learned from his first year as a head coach, he discussed being more involved on the offensive side of the ball this year. Now, with the right offensive coordinator, and lessons learned from the past all involved have a very clear picture: There is not an obvious solution for the Browns QB problems and they need to find it.

Whether they can all get on the same page about which of the above mentioned possible solutions will actually clear up the muddy situation is another question.

For now we get to deal with a very muddy but clear situation with the Browns quarterback situation. It may not be pretty and it isn’t fun to still be having this conversation for another year. Yet, finally, we seem to have some clarity moving forward and that is something to be excited for.

Are you surprised by the Browns brass and their comments about the Browns quarterback situation?

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