Browns Rumor: Team to Interview Ex-Florida OC


The Cleveland Browns rumor mill continues to spin. As the team continues their search for their quarterback coach, they turn toward the college ranks to interview Kurt Roper according to a new report:

Roper has coached on the college level for years. He coached Eli Manning at Ole Miss. Roper was the QB coach at Kentucky, at the same time new Browns WR coach Joker Phillips. He filled similar roles with both Duke and Florida, including last year as Florida’s offensive coordinator before the whole staff was let go.

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The Browns also interviewed former 3rd round quarterback Kevin O’Connell today, We covered his connection to the Browns here.

The Browns are likely to continue the search for their QB coach for as long as they need until they find the right fit for HC Mike Pettine and OC Mike Defilippo. Roper and O’Connell are opposites in experience and age. Roper has filled multiple roles over his career as a 42 year old coach while KOC is 27 and only has experience teaching QBs in the academy world.

Both have different connections to the Browns and it seems that there may not be a “right” answer to the Browns QB coaching search. The Browns could decide tonight or much later, even up until the Combine in a few weeks. If anything is clear about Pettine’s methods it is that he will uncover every stone to make the right choice for his coaching staff.

Expect more of the same in free agency and the draft. Pettine and his people will make far more detailed, researched choices than Browns fans have experienced in ages.

What do you think of the new Browns rumor and their QB coaching search?

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