Super Bowl: Prediction and Browns Thoughts


The Super Bowl both seemed to come quickly and take forever to get here. Big events tend to feel that way for me. Today it feels like NFL Free Agency and the Draft are ages away, by the time they get here it will feel like a heartbeat since the Super Bowl.

The actual Super Bowl game has been lost in a variety of issues, particularly the deflated footballs. Marshawn Lynch, coaching changes and legacy talk have all taken away from what is supposed to be the most important game in the NFL. That is sad given the two teams that are going to square off today.

So here some thoughts on the game, as well as my prediction:

Super Bowl Thoughts

The biggest storyline for me and this game is the injuries to the Seattle Seahawks secondary. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor are a great pair of safeties but injured could be limited. Richard Sherman, considered by many one of the best corners, has his own injury issue. I am less concerned about their play in pass coverage but expect the Patriots to attack them in the run game.

For the Patriots the Seahawks speed on defense and the mesh point issues that the Zone Read with Lynch create a ton of concerns. First the speed of the defense could cause havoc for Tom Brady, not allow Julian Edelman to get much separation or yards after catch and helps them be ball hawks when they gang tackle. The options that Russell Wilson has with Lynch, his own running and to pass out of the Zone Read gives defenders nightmares.

Based on the Seattle injuries primarily my Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots 23 Seahawks 17

Would love to hear your predictions.

Browns Thoughts Related to the Super Bowl

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A few Browns thoughts as it relates to the two teams that made the Big Game:

  • Both teams have their head coach. Bill Bellichick and Pete Carroll are at the helm and are unquestioned leaders.
    • I believe in Mike Pettine in this role. He showed his authority and how he makes decisions this off-season in his offensive coaching search.
  • Both the Patriots and Seahawks are built around their defense. The Patriots transitioned from defense to offense and back during this dynasty. The Seahawks won with a dominate defense last year.
    • The Browns are obviously building in this direction and I love it.
  • Both teams have a big power back in their run game which their offense plays off of.
    • The Browns have Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West to play that role and plan to play their offense off of it. Especially in the AFC North I approve.
  • Brady and Wilson are top level, in different ways, quarterbacks.
    • The Browns don’t have one of those and I would do anything to get one. It doesn’t seem Johnny Manziel is it so drafting Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston or another QB this year seems like a proper risk.

What do you think about the Browns when taking the Super Bowl teams into account?

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