Rob Gronkowski A Role Model for Johnny Manziel?


There is a small difference between Rob Gronkowski and Johnny Manziel. And when I say “small” I mean gigantic. Gronk is considered the best tight end in football, his teammates love him and he just helped him win the Super Bowl. Yet are they that different?

Following the Super Bowl win Gronk was spotted dancing with Flo-Rida, shirtless in many locations and has partied with porn stars among others. He is known to party hard in the off-season. A quick Twitter search brings us these pictures:

See Gronk has fun and yet is considered one of the most difficult players in the NFL to guard, the best at his position and very few have any concerns about him off the field.

What is the difference between the fun Gronk and the problematic Manziel?

First and foremost it is success on the field. Manziel didn’t have it in his few chances in the NFL so far, nor did he show it in practice. Gronk has not had that issue.

Second is that Gronk hasn’t dealt with any issues related to his responsibilities. Manziel had trouble at the Manning passing camp and with the Browns this season, both were reportedly related to his partying behavior.

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Finally, Gronk’s teammates seem to love the guy. Even the buttoned down Tom Brady seems to see Gronk as a big kid having fun. Manziel on the other hand seems like a guy trying too hard to be cool or fun. While some teammates have come out to support Manziel in the media, he was called a joke as well by his teammates.

So as Johnny Manziel looks to get his life together is it possible that Rob Gronkowski could actually be his role model? After getting his substance related issue together via rehab, and likely outpatient counseling, Manziel is still likely to want to have fun. Substances will likely always be a concern but hanging out, having fun and playing could still be a desire of his life.

Doing it like Gronk does it, after the season and without getting into trouble, or doing illegal substances (that we know of), would be impressive. Likely Manziel has to choose to ignore that lifestyle in order to be successful in the NFL. He tried that lifestyle, it didn’t work for him. The odds that he can go back into that environment but not go down that road is highly unlikely but anything is possible.

Could Rob Gronkowski be a role model for Johnny Manziel?

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