Mike Pettine Blasts Kyle Shanahan Quitting


The Cleveland Browns have seemed to be in turmoil this off-season with much of it starting with Kyle Shanahan departing the team. Mike Pettine addressed Shanahan today and Daryl Ruiter gives us the play by play, blow by blow account of Pettine putting Shanahan out as a quitter.

This feels like a knockout, on to front street, by Pettine:

Quitter. Excuse maker. Someone he won’t waste time on. Seems we have a good idea of what Mike Pettine thinks of Kyle Shanahan.

While nothing in these statements are outside of what we assumed was true, it is interesting to “hear” Pettine say them. Pettine, nicknamed Blunt Force Trauma for a reason, doesn’t pull punches. Some believe that he needs to learn how to have a little bit more tact but that does not seem to fit him and hopefully he stays true to himself.

Early in the process Shanahan seemed to put the Browns organization in a bad light. The Browns looked dysfunctional and, with the help of Jason La Canforna, losing their “best coach” was a bad look.

As things have played out, Shanahan himself now has taken more of the hit. He essentially quit on his job as a coach of the Browns A) Because he didn’t like the texts from GM Ray Farmer, B) Didn’t want to coach the team he agreed to coach and/or C) Wanted to an out to take what he saw as a better offer.

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Either way Kyle Shanahan comes out looking like a quitter, excuse maker and someone Browns fans shouldn’t waste their time on. If it was related to the texts, get over it. If he didn’t like the team the Browns had/were putting together, it is his job as a coach to make them better. If he wanted a better offer, reportedly he was linked to Dan Quinn from the get go, then he fits with our quick fix society.

As you listened to Mike Pettine today at the Combine you got the sense that he was very excited to be working with John Defillipo, Kevin O’Connell and the rest of the staff they have put together. Shanahan’s presence, and internal struggles could have worn on Pettine as the season went on.

This upcoming season clearly feels like Pettine is in control. He learned a lot from his first year as a coach, now he has the offensive staff that he really wants and the foundation of the team, except for quarterback, seems set. Kyle Shanahan quit on Mike Pettine but Pett is moving on, and Blunt Force Trauma is large and in charge.

What do you think about Kyle Shanahan after Mike Pettine’s comments?

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