NFL Draft: Browns-Jets-Eagles Draft Day Trade Scenario


The NFL Draft could be a very interesting, especially on Day One of the draft. There are only two quarterbacks that deserve Day One attention, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. The rest of the NFL Draft has a ton of talent on the offensive and defensive lines as well as at receiver.

The Cleveland Browns are in desperate need of a quarterback but could struggled to acquire one. Most fans don’t want to see the team mortgage their future to bring in either of the QBs in the draft. On the other hand, with two first rounders, the Browns are uniquely prepared to make that happen.

The Philadelphia Eagles, with former Oregon coach Chip Kelly now squarely in charge of the team, is reportedly desperate to get their hands on Marcus Mariota. Kelly recruited Mariota and reportedly believes that he can take his NFL offense to the next level. The Eagles, with pick #20, don’t seem to have the type of assets to move up to get Mariota, even if he falls out of the Top 5.

The New York Jets have Geno Smith, who has not shown that he can be a high level QB, but with a new regime they could look to upgrade their overall roster instead of investing in a QB. Todd Bowles may look to upgrade the defense and offensive weapons instead of a quarterback that may need time to develop. That could make the Jets a viable trade partner for any team if Mariota happens to fall.

That led to this article. An idea that will look much like a three team deal but that could solve a ton of problems for these three teams. First we must give you our Top 5 Mock Draft to set the table:

  1. Bucs – Jameis Winston
  2. Titans – Leonard Williams
  3. Jaguars – Shane Ray
  4. Raiders – Kevin White or Amari Cooper
  5. Redskins – Randy Gregory

That realistic scenario leaves Marcus Mariota sitting squarely on the board for the New York Jets. If they decide that they want to stick with Smith at QB for the next year then they might seek a trade. The Jets would have little interest in moving all the way down to #20 and it would cost the Eagles their entire draft plus more.

However the Browns do have the value available to move up to #6. Based on the NFL Trade Chart the Browns could get to #6 with the 12th pick and their 2nd rounder. Based on the bonus that QBs tend to bring in, see RG3 trade, the Browns would likely need to move both 12 and 19 to the Jets for 6. The Jets get two first round picks to upgrade their roster quickly while the Browns select Marcus Mariota.

At this point the Browns can hold on to Mariota, depending on how high they value him. Mariota could be the Browns QB of the future. Or they can hold him ransom as they look to build their team and regain value from the trade they made with the Jets. The first part, trading 12 and 19 for 6, has to be something the team is okay with as the final move but doesn’t have to be.

Between picks 6 and 20 the Browns will likely receive a number of phone calls from the Eagles. This is where they hold Mariota ransom and will have time to play the long game. Unlike the Jets, the Browns likely have interest in Eagles QB Nick Foles. The Browns have the cap space to plan to re-sign him next season when his contract is up.

So as the NFL Draft hits 15 and the Browns see how the board is falling they can let on to the Eagles that they could have some interest in trading Mariota but “only if our guy falls to 20” (even if they don’t have one player in mind). The negotiations start at that point. The Browns make it clear that it will cost quite a bit to get Mariota. They start the pricing at Nick Foles, #20, the Eagles 2nd round pick and next year’s 2nd, plus a little more.

As pick #19 hits the clock the negotiations continue. The Eagles, with Chip Kelly pushing hard, want to get Mariota no matter what the cost. The Browns hem and ha a bit about not being sure what they want to give up on their QB of the Future. Kelly continues to push as the Eagles go on the clock.

The Browns make high demands of Kelly and he gives in. The Browns acquire #20, #52, the Eagles 4th Round Pick, 2016 2nd Rounder and Nick Foles in exchange for Marcus Mariota. The Browns move down 40 selections, from 12 to 52, move down one other (from 19 to 20) while acquiring a young QB who has proven himself some, another 4th rounder and a future 2nd rounder.

The Browns go from having two 1st round picks and a 2nd to having a 1st (#20) and two 2nd rounders, as well as an added 4th rounder. Foles gives them a QB that they hope to build around. The Jets build their team with the Browns 2 firsts and the Eagles get THE quarterback that they desire.

A win, win, win.

What do you think of this NFL Draft Day 3 Team “Trade”?

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