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So today is the day that the new Cleveland Browns logo is revealed. Many fans are excited, worried or a combination of the two. The Browns made us aware last year that they were going to be making some tweaks to the decades old uniforms but told us that they wouldn’t be changing the “iconic” helmet. We continued to believe that until a week ago when some Browns Backers got this little piece of information via email:

The chat rooms, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of media went crazy with this “announcement.” At this point we have not seen anything officially from the Browns, outside of changing the helmet on their social media page to a grey one.

We have seen/heard a ton of possible options. The use of the Dawg Pound in a greater way, using “Block C” or “Block B” lettering and even Paul Brown’s silhouette as a logo. We have no clue one way or another what it will look like. We encourage Browns fans not to get too excited today as the team has not hyped up this release as anything special.

If this was a huge logo change we expect that the marketing people at the Browns would have made it a big deal. Nike would have wanted it to be, as it is a way to sell more gear, and the business side would want the positive exposure. After the way this off-season has gone, anything positive would be good.

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Instead they only sent this email out to heads of the Browns Backers, which then got filtered down to us in the media. They only hype is coming from us who want to see something new, something interesting. Instead we are likely to see something slightly different, slightly updated.

We expect to see the introduction of grey/silver into the color scheme and a greater use of metallic colors, the way many college teams have gone. Besides that they may change the “iconic” helmet by switching where the stripe is, think around the sides instead of over the top or by adding something inside of the iconic stripe.

While many are excited by today’s new Browns logo announcement, remember that it really isn’t an announcement in the tradition sense. If you are excited for something new, daring and different we think you might be disappointed.

Update: As we expected the changes were minimal:

What is your favorite rumored new Browns logo?

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