NFL Draft: Expecting Browns To Trade Down; McCown Informed Thought


This article is about the NFL Draft but it is not a report, not a rumor and has no inside knowledge. Instead it is reading the leaves so far of this off-season especially the signing of Josh McCown yesterday. I expect the Cleveland Browns to trade down with either their pick at 12 or at 19. I also expect that the trade down will result in either a 1st or 2nd round pick next year.

The caveat to this expectation is if they acquire Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston. If they have a chance to do that than there is no reason for them to be making plans to trade down.

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  • On to the reasoning that led to this discussion in the first place. The Browns signed McCown yesterday which likely precludes them from signing or trading for any other starting level QB. They might draft a quarterback after the 1st round but even that gives them nothing more than a 50/50 chance (likely worse) of finding their future QB.

    That leaves us back to Mr. Johnny Manziel. Manziel showed us the following: 1) He didn’t prepare hard, 2) He was overwhelmed when he got on the field and 3) His off the field issues were so bad that he needed to check himself into rehab. Best case scenario is that he turns his life around and because of that is able to be successful on the field. Based on what the Browns saw in 1 season in the pros, and the variety of issues in college, they can not bet their future on it.

    That means the Browns are left with an old QB, who should really be starting at this point, a lottery ticket in Manziel and not much else for the future at the most important position on the field.

    That is unless they decide to trade down to acquire more assets for next year’s NFL Draft. The Browns schedule is pretty tough next year but, as always, there are a very limited number of starting level QBs coming out of college. The name right now on everyone’s thoughts is Ohio State Buckeyes maybe starter Cardale Jones. If the Browns want a shot at him, or another high pick QB, acquiring more picks for next year’s draft puts them in a better position to guarantee it.

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    The Browns history is a great example of how a few wins can keep you away from the star QBs. A few less wins and any number of QBs could be the Browns. When Andrew Luck and RG3 were coming out the Browns were picking 4th, just missing out. This year the lowest the two star QBs would likely go are #10, the Browns pick 12th. It is likely one reason the Browns made the trade with the Bills last year, looking for their Franchise Guy (at the time it was Mariota). They ended up drafting Manziel but still had the extra pick in their back pocket. The Bills were much better than most expected, dropping the pick to 19th.

    So, if this year they don’t have a QB that is their long term future, they need to acquire the assets to end the drought as soon as possible. Trading back to get more assets for next year will help set the Browns up for the worst case scenario. If Manziel somehow comes through, than maybe, just maybe they use those assets to get the perfect 3-4 defensive end, the J.J. Watt like monster, in Joey Bosa.

    Either way, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Browns traded down in the upcoming NFL Draft. Signing Josh McCown is a stop gap measure either leading to Manziel being a good starter or the team finding their next QB in the 2016 NFL Draft.

    What do you think about the Browns possibly trading down again this year?

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