Browns Rumor: Team Won’t Use Either Tag Today


The deadline to use the Franchise or Transition Tags is today at 4PM. According to a Cleveland Browns rumor the team will use neither:

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Last year at this time the Browns put the Transition tag on Alex Mack instead of T.J. Ward. Mack later signed a deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars before the Browns matched that deal.

This year the Browns could have put a tag on Jordan Cameron, Brian Hoyer, Buster Skrine or Jabaal Sheard. With the cost of a Franchise Tag for Hoyer, Skrine and Sheard it was unlikely, although a Transition Tag for Skrine was possible. Franchise Tagging Cameron was a far bigger possibility as the tight end number is between 8 and 9 million dollars.

We believed that the Browns should tag Cameron. He is a talented player, although injuries (concussions specifically) kept him of the field. The tag number is low enough with the Browns huge cap space. The team could have also used Cameron in a trade to get something back in return for him.

Rumors are out that Cameron was unhappy in Cleveland and that he wants to move out West to be near his family. Worries were that he would be a negative influence in the locker room if he had not been freed up to seek his money wherever he wanted to go. Mike Pettine is trying to build a locker room full of positivity and likely didn’t want him back.

The Browns rolled over close to $20 million in cap space from last year and have around $50 million to spend. It looks like none of that will be going to anyone with a tag.

What do you think about Browns rumor, decision not to tag anyone?