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The Cleveland Browns season is over. We will spend a good amount of time reviewing the season but we will spend even more time preparing for the off-season. Browns free agency seems destined to be an interesting one. The Browns spent a little bit of money last year with anticipating of building through the draft for long term success. The 2014 year was expected to be another down year with high expectations towards the future. Instead the 2014 started off strong and ended with a thud.

Now the Browns are full of salary cap space, even though they have a few free agents of their own they might like to sign, as well as 10 picks in the NFL Draft, including two 1st rounders. It is likely that GM Ray Farmer and Head Coach Mike Pettine see a greater need for more veteran talent on a very young roster and we expect them to be aggressive in seeking to bring in that talent during Browns free agency.

In preparation for such, we will be taking a look at certain players that we think the Browns could target. Keep in mind we are not saying that these are the players they are targeting, although some rumors may start to leak of the Browns having interest in them, instead these are players that we think the Browns could or should have interest in. Our profile will try to include as much information as possible to prepare you for free agency.

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Chris Myers





2014 Team

Houston Texans


16 Games

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2014 Free Agent Signing Comparison Contract

Roberto Garza (1 year, $1.5 million with the Chicago Bears)

Garza, like Myers, was a long time veteran whose age and production drove down his value. He re-signed with the Bears but Myers is unlikely to return to the Texans. Myers may be able to pull in a 2 or 3 year deal but the NFL is more and more a young man’s game and the 33 year old is just not young. Myers hasn’t missed any games in 7 seasons which will push up his value.

Fit with the Browns

The biggest reason that Myers was cut was based on his misfit in the Texans new blocking scheme. His size doesn’t work as well in a power scheme but he has been great in the Zone Blocking Scheme that the Browns plan to continue with this year. Here are a few tweets that give you a good idea about his fit with a team like the Browns:

While Myers has played center for his career, his has enough ability that he could transition to guard for the Browns as Alex Mack returns to center. Myers would also provide the Browns will a real center should anything happen to Mack next season, and a bridge if Mack opts out and leaves after the year.

Browns Player Signing Could Impact

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John Greco – If everything goes well for the Browns this off-season none of their backups from last season will be back. It is possible that Ryan Seymour could stick but besides that the backups struggled. Greco could get bumped from his starting spot if the Browns like Myers a lot. Greco would be a great backup along with whoever loses the right tackle battle between Mitchell Schwartz and Michael Bowie.

How Signing Could Impact the NFL Draft

Very little. The Browns are likely to draft a center/guard type at some point in time, in preparation for the possibility of Mack leaving. Myers wouldn’t change that at all. They may be less inclined to add a right tackle early in the Draft but Myers age means that would only be a tiebreaker scenario.


Medium – Low – While Myers would give the Browns a good guard and great backup center, the team is less likely to prioritize an older player with limited seasons left on his legs. With other teams, Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons likely to run Zone schemes, Myers should be able to find work at a higher price than the Browns are willing to pay.

What do you think about targeting Chris Myers in Browns Free Agency?

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