Browns Still in on Jordan Cameron; So Are Others


When the Cleveland Browns did not Franchise or Transition Tag Jordan Cameron, it seemed like the team and the player were ready for a split. However as the legal tampering window opened up yesterday, very little talk about teams being interested in the former Pro Bowl tight end. Until this afternoon/evening when we find out that the Browns are still possibly in it with Cameron:

What we think we know is that Cameron wants to return to the West Coast and he wants to get paid. According to reports, Cameron missed his family and the atmosphere out West. Other reports state that he turned down big money offers from the Browns since the end of the season. Wanting to live where you want to live is understandable, as is wanting to test the market and see what you can get.

The Browns are unlikely to overpay for Cameron, a player whose injury history has been extensive. They would, likely, give him an incentive laden deal or even a 1 year make good deal to bring him back. Obviously they are not on the West Coast either but his familiarity might give the Browns the edge over the Jacksonville Jaguars, as an example.

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Generally players follow the money. If the Browns offered a good deal more money for most free agents, they would be signing here. That would be bad for the team’s future, you build a team through the draft and signing your own players, but the Browns could make a splash if they wanted to. The narrative that players don’t want to play in Cleveland is overblown, players general stay where they are or go where they can get the most money.

All things being equal we expect Cameron to go out West. The Raiders, Broncos and Seahawks all make a lot of sense. If those teams balk at Cameron’s price, it would not shock us to see him return with that incentive laden deal or a 1 year deal for a chunk of money so he can prove he is healthy and enter the free agent market next year.

What would you be willing to pay a fully healthy Jordan Cameron?

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