DB Tramon Williams Visiting Browns Today


The Cleveland Browns may not be sitting on their hands in free agency. Former Green Bay Packers defensive back Tramon Williams is reportedly visiting the team today. He will either join, or just missed, wide receiver Dwayne Bowe who also was visiting with the team today. This is the first we have heard Williams connected to the Browns:

Williams has played all 8 of his NFL seasons with the Packers. He has only missed 1 game, back in 2011, during that time. Williams stands just under 6 foot and was an undrafted player out of Louisiana Tech University. The Packers picked him up in 2006 and he has played all but one game since.

Last year for the Pack, Williams had 71 tackles, 1 fumble recovery, 3 interceptions and 13 pass deflections. According to PFF Williams graded out with a 1.6 grade, the 9th highest grade of all free agent corners. To put into perspective, Buster Skrine graded at -6.3. So at least according to PFF, the Browns would be getting a significant upgrade over Skrine if using last year’s data.

That is not totally accurate comparison as age will play a big part in progression and regression. Skrine is only 26 years old while Williams will be 32 years old tomorrow. Skrine should either continue to progress or stay stable while Williams is clearly on his downside. However, Williams still played over 1,000 snaps last year, most of any Packers defenders, so he must be doing something right.

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For the Browns, Williams would not only be replacing Skrine he would also give the Browns a veteran to replace Jim Leonhard. Leonhard provided an important role as the 3rd safety and veteran defender roaming the field. Williams could play both corner and safety in Mike Pettine’s system and may be attracted to a versatile role that could put him in a place to succeed.

If the Browns can sign Bowe and Williams they can check two veteran spots off their wish list. Neither should stop the Browns from drafting a player at their positions but will give that player time to develop which is important. Neither are likely to push the excitement level through the roof but both are solid moves for a team looking to build their foundation in the NFL Draft. It also helps that Williams comes from a winning program with a winning attitude. You can never have too many of those players.

What do you think about Tramon Williams visiting the Browns today? Will they sign him on his birthday?

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