Most Creative, Fun NFL Mock Draft Interesting for Browns


We are squarely in NFL Mock Draft season, where analysts and fans debate what they think teams will or should do. Often that is a key difference between Mocks: Some create their’s based on what they believe teams will do while others, knowing their limited knowledge of teams’ thoughts, focus on what they think they should do. It makes things most interesting but still often NFL Mock Drafts tend to look similar.

Where things get creative, interesting and fun, at least for many, is when you add trades into the mix. Most of the time those trades only involve picks. In the upcoming NFL Draft some see the Philadelphia Eagles or the Cleveland Browns trading up for Marcus Mariota. Those trades often include current and future draft picks. Today we want to look at the most creative, and in turn most fun, NFL Mock Draft we have seen this year, and it was given to us via Twitter:


So first, Cian writes for multiple football sites and has close to 10K followers on Twitter. Not just some crazy fan with a crazy NFL Mock Draft. Instead, Cian puts forth a Mock of what he would do given each team. So let’s discuss what he has the Browns doing:

Let’s break down the trade between the Browns and Bears first:

  • The Browns move up 12 spots from 19 to 7.
    • Based on the NFL Trade Chart most people use this costs the Browns both their 2nd and 3rd Round pick.
  • The Browns acquire 2 years of Jay Cutler basically for free then.
    • Cutler’s contract is guaranteed for next year now, unless he restructures.
  • The cost for the Browns with Cutler is his contract and opportunity cost related to Johnny Manziel or drafting another quarterback this season.
  • In exchange for 3 picks the Browns get a chance at a starting QB and a much higher 1st round pick. Not a bad deal.
  • The Bears get out of Cutler’s contract and add a couple more Day 2 picks to move down 12 spots.
    • They still get Danny Shelton, a player many think they could target at #7.

Now we need to look at the specific players coming to the Browns:

Jay Cutler: Perhaps the least “Play Like a Brown” QB in the NFL is very unlikely to come to Cleveland. It would pair him back with Josh McCown but Cutler is not young enough, nor fighting for his first big contract, to be mentored by anyone. On the other hand, this could possibly be Cutler’s last stand and could open his mind. The Browns would stay a running team which would limited Cutler to around 20 throws per game. If, biggest IF, he can harness his talent and play within the system he could excel. Nothing from his past says he can or will.

#7 Pick Amari CooperCooper is such a smooth, dynamic player. He runs great routes, can accelerate after the catch, has great hands and can high point the ball. Cooper, at his worst, is a high end #2 receiver. At his best he is a Reggie Wayne type #1 receiver. He would pair well with Andrew Hawkins, Brian Hartline and Taylor Gabriel but isn’t the huge target some want at #1. Pass rusher Randy Gregory could be the pick here instead for the Browns.

#12 Pick DeVante Parker: The great thing about Cian’s realistic trade is the Browns keep their higher 1st rounder. At 12 the Browns have a ton of options. Shelton, Malcom Brown, Maxx Williams and others were all available. Instead he goes all in on the Browns passing offense. Parker is a bit bigger, more athletic version of Cooper. He is less polished but gives the Browns the upside of a #1 and gives Cutler many options on the field. Parker on one side, Cooper on the other with Hawkins and either Gabriel or Hartline inside, gives the Browns a special group when the team needs to go 4 wide. It is a ton of resources for a team that wants to build from the defensive side of the ball but the idea of Cutler, Cooper and Parker has to make fans happy.

The Browns next pick wouldn’t come until the 4th round, where they would still have 2 picks. They would still need to address their defensive line, tight end and pass rusher needs but would have 6 picks left to do that. Nose tackles, those two down beasts in the middle, tend to get pushed down in the draft while finding a quick twitch pass rusher and a pass catching tight end may be a bit more difficult.

The Browns are expecting development from some of their young players. Perhaps Scott Solomon helps as a pass rusher. Perhaps the group of Billy Winn, John Hughes, Phil Taylor and Ishmma’ily Kitchen can do enough to stop the run inside. Tight end is a different discussion but perhaps Jeff Heuerman can be snatched up in the 4th and make an immediate impact.

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At least for now we get to spend some time with a great NFL Mock Draft that has us asking the question “What if?” What if the Browns throw significant resources to their passing game, in a passing league, now that they have a good defense, great offensive line and good running game? What if Jay Cutler can turn it around as he matures? What if the Browns have two great young receivers? What if fans now only could complain about “giving up too much” to get the kind of players they have been begging for? What if indeed.

What do you think of this very fun and creative NFL Mock Draft?

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