Farmer: Browns Won’t Call About Sam Bradford


Cleveland Browns General Manager spoke on a few issues today to the NFL Media. One he touched on, likely because he was asked, was weather the Browns tried to trade for Sam Bradford. He wouldn’t reveal whether the team offered a 1st Round pick for Bradford but noted that he wouldn’t be calling the Philadelphia Eagles about him since they traded for him:

That makes sense in the simple normal world, outside of the craziness that many believe that Chip Kelly is trying to pull off. Farmer’s assumption is that, by trading for Bradford, the Eagles have made their intentions known related to the QB.

Most believe that it was the Browns who offered the 1st Round pick that Jeff Fisher stated they were offered. The Rams decided they wanted Nick Foles, and other draft consideration more, but it hasn’t stopped people from assuming the Browns would still pursue Bradford.

By his statement, Farmer doesn’t preclude the team making a deal for the injury riddled, former 1st overall pick but the Eagles would have to call him. That makes sense. Farmer likely would have some interest in Bradford, at the right price, but won’t likely put himself in the asking position, especially after Bradford was already dealt. Instead he can wait for good ol’ Chip to call him with an offer. Play hard to get if you will.

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Bradford may be the most talent QB the Browns could acquire, and the most talented since their return is also a possibility. His worst ability is avail-ability. Two ACL surgeries plus a myriad of other problems, including a shoulder issue coming out of college. If known that he would be healthy, Bradford would be well sought after. Based on his health history, and large contract, Farmer is unlikely to make an aggressive move for him.

It is possible the Browns and Eagles work out a three way deal for everyone to get their needs met. It is possible that Sam Bradford is the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns next year. GM Ray Farmer may have some interest in Bradford but he isn’t going to make the first call.

Do you really think Ray Farmer has closed the door on Sam Bradford?

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