Adrian Peterson Trade Would Be A Bad Idea For Browns


Adrian Peterson is considered available even though the Minnesota Vikings have reportedly made it clear that they don’t want to trade him. It is understandable as their young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater could use some support and a strong running game is just that. Peterson’s off the field issues became a big storyline last year and we are not trying minimize those. Yet, child abuse scandal aside, the idea of the Cleveland Browns trading for him is bad, terrible, no good, rotten…

Jeremy Fowler brought up the idea on ESPN and it has had people talking. Fowler did not start it as a rumor, just a ‘What If?’ kind of post. We love those. It is fun to think about things in that way. “What if Marcus Mariota, Amari Cooper or Danny Shelton fall to the Browns at 12?” “What if Johnny Manziel is a changed man and takes over the Browns by playing well?” “What if the Browns start to win regularly?” “What if local and national media focused on facts instead of narrative when talking about the team?”

Those can all be fun. So can this “What if?” but, while possibly entertaining, it just isn’t a good idea. First a few things from Fowler:

"Giving up, say, a second-rounder for a Peterson trade wouldn’t cripple the franchise. The Browns have 10 picks this year, including six in the top 115.A workhorse running back would complement young backs Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West, who are promising but erratic. It would give Crowell and West more time to develop. The suddenly impressive tailback depth would help Peterson, too."

Give Folwer his due, he notes some reasons why it is a bad idea. Thirty year old running backs, Peterson being able to basically veto a trade and the Vikings not wanting to trade him.

What Fowler didn’t touch on is the value of the running back position and the sanity of trading for someone at that position AND paying them big money. Would Peterson be an upgrade of Crowell and West? Yes! Would Peterson be exciting behind the Browns offensive line? Yes! Does Peterson, after missing almost all of last year and parts of other years, have a lot left in the tank? Likely.

Would Adrian Peterson’s upgrade over Crowell and West be worth a 2nd round pick AND paying him all that money? No! Not in this day and age. While Peterson may upgrade the team in the short term, he would be taking carries away from the development of West and Crowell. The Browns run game last year, before Alex Mack got hurt, was Top 10 in the league. They fell off after Mack’s injury and ended up at 17th in the league. Still few would say that the Browns have a big need in the backfield.

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Instead of trading the #43 overall pick the Browns could end up drafting a nose tackle, tight end, wide receiver or offensive lineman who could upgrade an actual area of need over the next 2 to 3 years. They also would not have to pay that player almost $13 million next season. If the Browns didn’t have young backs, if the Browns were in position to compete for the Super Bowl or the Browns had no long term plan, Peterson would be in play. They have young backs that have shown promise, are not one Peterson away from the Super Bowl but have a long term plan.

Adrian Peterson might be a big piece for the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals or another team. He just doesn’t make sense for the Cleveland Browns.

Would you want the Browns to trade a 2nd round pick and pay Adrian Peterson his current salary?

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