New Browns Helmet Details Revealed


The Cleveland Browns new uniform will be released later this month but today we got a bit of the Browns helmet revealed to us by Daryl Ruiter. According to him, the matte finish look that we have seen in the past in indeed accurate:

Are you trying to picture it? Well we got you taken care of there as well:

Interesting look for sure. That is not the official picture, just something created and put online. It will be interesting how the Browns match-up the Brown of the face mask with the stripe. In that picture, the mask is lighter in color.

The matte finish is a big change but does very little to impact the “historical” properties of the team. How the helmet and uniforms come together will really be interesting.

Teams are going to more splashy versions of uniforms and matte is not so much. Will the Browns be able to pull off new uniforms that “pop” but match well with the matte finish of these helmets?

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For fans of the team, something new but holding to tradition is a good thing. It gives for options with retail and makes things feel fresh. Fans really embraced  Brownie the Elf because of this. Yet the character they saw on the field left something missing. He didn’t have anything fierce about him.

Hopefully we are not disappointed by the uniforms as we were with Brownie and the “new” logo earlier this off-season.

What do you think of the new Browns helmet?

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