Rumor: Browns trying to trade Johnny Manziel for Sam Bradford


The Cleveland Browns off-season seems to be filled with one crazy story after another, first the Browns offered a 1st Round pick for Sam Bradford, and eventually the Rams confirmed the rumors. Now another new Browns story is making the rounds, its should be noted that all rumors are rooted in some truth, and everything should be taken with a grain of salt until reputable sources are able to confirm them. The new rumor making it’s rounds comes courtesy of Chat Sports writer Mack Ferguson, according to Ferguson the Browns “have engaged in multiple discussions” to trade Johnny Manziel and a high draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford. Ferguson’s information comes from a source “very close to an agent involved in the trade talks.”

"“According to a source very close to an agent involved in the trade talks, the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles have engaged in multiple discussions to send Browns QB Johnny Manziel, who is currently in rehab, and draft picks, to the Eagles in exchange for Eagles QB Sam Bradford, who was recently acquired via trade from the St. Louis Rams. According to our source, both sides are very motivated to get a deal done, with each side valuing the other’s QB more than the QB currently on their rosters.” – Mack Ferguson of Chat Sports"

While several media outlets are anxiously await confirmation of this report from Ferguson, let’s take a minute and just pause and remember that this is just a rumor and until confirmed just links together a team and a player that previously had been linked before. But what if it were true? As of late there have been several reports that the Browns might take another run at acquiring Bradford, including an article written by Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk that said the Browns might trade up for Marcus Mariota, or try again to acquire Sam Bradford.

"“In yet another sign that those around the Browns do not see Johnny Manziel as the franchise quarterback, a recent report out of Cleveland suggests that the Browns may try to move up in the draft for Marcus Mariota, or try again to acquire Sam Bradford.” – Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk"

Lets also take into consideration that as of late the information coming out has started to point in an eventual divorce of Manziel and the Browns organization, first ESPN’s Chris Mortensen stated last Wednesday that the Browns are “90 percent” done with Manziel, and this week Browns Pro-Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas said in an interview with ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi that he believed Manziel had lost the trust in the locker room from the way he handled himself after taking over as the starting quarterback.

"“I think (Manziel) lost probably a lot of trust among the guys on the team last year by the way he handled himself once he became the starter.” – Joe Thomas"

Now all of this information could just be hearsay but it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that the Browns like Bradford and would be willing to see just how true the rumors are that the Eagles are interest in Mariota. It’s been wildly speculated that the Eagles head coach has been smitten with Mariota and that the Eagles are willing to do anything to move up to get him should he fall in the draft. But before you going ordering your custom Bradford Browns jersey lets remember that this has been circulating the rumor mill, and Bradford wasn’t a fan of coming to the Browns before. Editor Jared Mueller wrote a great article related to Bradford and his refusal to sign an extension should he be traded to the Browns from the Rams.

"“The fact that they were interested in trading for Bradford isn’t a huge surprise. That they were pushing for an extension is a little more shocking. Bradford has had a number of injuries in his history, missing two full seasons, and hasn’t exactly lit it up when on the field. He would be a definite upgrade to McCown but how long he would be able to stay on the field would always be a question, especially with the luck Cleveland sports has had.” – Jared Mueller"

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Long story short if true this will only fan the flames that the U.S.S Manziel is sinking faster than the Titanic, but it does give me some hope that the Browns organization is sticking to there word, and they are not resting until they have looked at every possible option to find a starting quarterback, even if that option turned them down once before.

What do you think of the rumors the Browns are trying to trade Manziel for Bradford?

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