TE Maxx Williams Attitude Problem? NFL Draft Fall?


Tight End Maxx Williams is widely considered the top prospect at his position in the NFL Draft. For a team like the Cleveland Browns, Williams has to be on many teams’ radars who need a tight end. Williams measures in at 6’4″ and almost 250 pounds. His 40 time wasn’t great, 4.78, but he plays well for his size and has good to great other athletic measurables.

However Williams reportedly hasn’t impressed everyone as M. Miller notes, his attitude problems could cause him to fall on draft night:

Miller doesn’t note what teams but that report could cause problems among other teams. Even in his official NFL Draft Profile on NFL.com, Williams’ attitude was noted:

"SOURCES TELL US“That Minnesota tight end came across as all about himself from what people in our room said (at the combine). They were a little turned off by him.” — NFC regional scout"

Having a variety of teams with the same experience won’t bode well for Williams on draft night, but it only takes one team. Perhaps Williams has heard his own hype. Perhaps he realizes that he is the top of the food chain at the position. Or perhaps he really wants to fall to the “right” team and is causing some issues because of it.

Coming off arrogant, cocky, bored, too good for others and selfish is interesting given Williams limited production at the college level. The former Minnesota Golden Gopher only had 36 catches, less than 600 yards last season. He did have 8 TDs but 3 of those came in one game.

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Williams only played 2 years in college, his first year he had 25 catches for 417 yards and 5 TDs. He obviously has done a good job of finding the endzone but players that believe their own hype tend to get put in their place quickly in the NFL. The general feel is that Williams got by with natural ability in college but would get swallowed up in the pros if he doesn’t put in the hardwork.

For the Browns, Williams might be a tough pick at this point. Bored, arrogant, cocky, etc could have described both Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert last year. Even though the Browns need a tight end, forcing another player who has relied on natural ability with a concern about work ethic doesn’t seem to fit.

What do you think of these multiple Maxx Williams reports? Should he be off the Browns board?

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