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Johnny Manziel Released From Rehab


Johnny Manziel entered a substance related rehabilitation center near the end of January and has been released today:

We have tried to cover his rehab stint from both the professional football side as well as with this writer’s experience as a mental health professional. That he has been “released” is an important term if it was used by the facility. Being released from treatment generally means that you have completed your treatment plan goals and are ready to re-enter the world. Other terms are used when someone leaves but maybe hasn’t completed their goals but released seems to be a good term.

As for what this means for Johnny Manziel the person, we hope it means clean, healthy living. Taking treatment serious, being in a controlled environment for as long as he was shows us that he did, is an important step. Having that much time to learn both about himself and his issues should help set him up to be successful as a person. From what we understand, money should never be an issue, based on his family’s reported fortune. For Manziel it is all about healthy living.

For Johnny Manziel the football player, this can do nothing but help. Being free from addictions can help him focus on football preparation, getting his body right and putting forth the mental and physical time and energy to succeed. It does not, however , ensure that will happen. The Manziel that lit up the college scene was also the person who had substance related issues. Could he possibly lose the edge that made him great in college? Could he decide he wants to focus his life’s attention elsewhere?

For the Browns, Manziel’s stint in rehab is the best possible off-season for their investment. Had he just gone home, done the normal off-season thing and not shown any sign of change, the Browns would have little hope of change. Because he put forth this great amount of effort, the Browns not only have a little bit of hope that he could be worth their 1st round pick but he also helps improve his trade value if they decide to go in that direction.

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A lot of what Manziel’s future holds in Cleveland will be decided at the end of the month. If the Browns trade up for Marcus Mariota, Manziel’s days are likely numbered in Cleveland. If Mariota falls to 12, Manziel would have a chance to stick around and compete. If the Browns pass on QBs in the 1st two rounds, Manziel will have this season to show the Browns he can be THE Guy.

For now we are just happy that Johnny Manziel was willing and able to commit himself to the process of treatment and has now been released.

What are your thoughts on Johnny Manziel today as he is released from rehab?

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