Jared’s Final Thoughts: Thank You DPD Fans

The Cleveland Browns have some of the greatest fans in the world. I count myself among those fans. Faith, passionate, loving, crazy, dedicated, thoughtful, emotional and invested. In many ways, Browns fans have proven themselves head and shoulders above other fans.

Because of the quality of the fans, I have always believed that they deserve the best coverage possible. I have been blessed to be a part of that coverage for the last few years. I started with the FanSided Network writing about everything Cleveland and the Ohio State Buckeyes with FactoryOfSadness.co. I am excited that I was able to bring in Nick as my partner on that site and that he is still pushing out quality content there.

After some time with FoS I was given the honor of taking charge of both Dawg Pound Daily and King James Gospel to cover the Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Focusing on two of Cleveland’s great teams, being a voice in the Cleveland sports landscape. Great opportunities.

Writing here at DPD has been amazing. I have had a great opportunity to take a local perspective on national takes on our Browns. I have had an opportunity to share my belief about the players, coaches and front office. I have had an opportunity to interact with you, the DPD fans, about a variety of topics.

I have learned from you, the loyal DPD fans, about all that involves Browns fandom. You are passionate about what you believe. You are open to our thoughts, even as you are stubborn about your own beliefs. I have learned that you will click on things you find interesting and let us know when you think something isn’t good.

I hope I, we, have earned your trust. I know you have not always agreed with me (I still like Justin Gilbert and still really want Marcus Mariota). I know I might sometimes us ‘then’ instead of the grammatically correct “than.” Yet through it all, we have done this together and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Given that look back, it is time to look forward.

Today is my last day writing for Dawg Pound Daily. I will be moving on to cover our amazing Cleveland Browns for another site. It is an exciting opportunity that I am proud and honored to be recruited for this new position. I am able to make this move because I am so proud and excited for where DPD stands. Much like Nick at FoS, I get to leave DPD in the hands of two people I trust.

DPD will now be run by two editors: Paul Noel and Tom Moore. Paul has been with DPD for sometime and we have worked together to prepare him for this role. Tom has been a member of the Browns community for years and had run his own independent site for some time. These two will take you into the next generation of Browns fandom. I am confident that they will improve on your experience here at DPD. Follow Paul here and Tom here.

As for me, you can continue to follow my Cavs coverage on the FanSided Network at KingJamesGospel. If you would like to continue to get Browns coverage from me you can get get more information from my Twitter account here.

Thank you DPD fans for your support, interaction, discussion and loyalty. I’ll see you around and can’t wait to cheering for our Cleveland Browns and their Super Bowl Championship that I am sure is coming sometime.