Cleveland Browns 2015: Predicting Every Game

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Week 6: Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning has to come back to earth at some point and he showed some signs of slowing toward the end of last season. As much as I would like to think that time could be now, I doubt it.

There are few defenses capable of out playing Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, simply put you don’t beat Manning, he beats himself.  It will be a difficult task for the Browns defense but I feel the secondary could be the difference maker in this match-up. The Browns have the type of talent in thew secondary to make things very difficult for Manning, who still is an excellent play but have seen a decline in his arm strength.

Believe it or not the biggest factor in this match-up will be if the Browns can stop the Broncos rushing attack. The Broncos are led by C.J. Anderson will run at the Browns biggest weakness in 2014, and that’s the center of the defense. If the Browns can hold their ground this could be a tight game. If not look for a on-two punch from Manning and Anderson.

Prediction: L, 21-14

Browns (3-3)

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