Cleveland Browns 2015: Predicting Every Game

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Week 8: Cleveland Browns vs. Arizona Cardinals

Does anyone really know who the quarterback is of the Arizona Cardinals? They played four quarterbacks last season and still found a way to win. I tip my hat to you coach Bruce Arians. The Cardinals will need QB Carson Palmer to be 100 percent this season, and not have to rely on the clown car of quarterbacks to get wins. The Cardinals lost defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, who became the head coach of the New York Jets this past off-season. The Cardinals has been a feast of fame kind of defense were they rush the passer more than half the time. If the Browns can find a way to successfully run play action and mix up the offense to take away the defense, get ready for another nail bitter.

The Cardinals are a well coached team, but this is a home game for the Browns, who can say no to the “dawg pound”? Browns get another win in a tight game on a late field goal.

Prediction: W, 24-21

Browns (5-3)

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