2015 NFL Draft: 5 Questions on the Cleveland Browns

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Nov 29, 2014; Louisville, KY, USA; Louisville Cardinals wide receiver DeVante Parker (9) runs the ball against the Kentucky Wildcats during the second half at Papa John

Question: Who is the one player that would make this draft a success for the Browns?

Janik: I will have to go with Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker. The Browns may need a quarterback, but trading up for Marcus Mariota could end badly. Parker seems like a safe bet for one of the Browns’ biggest needs. If Johnny Manziel bounces back from a horrible rookie season that ended in rehab, he will need someone to throw the ball to and Parker will be that guy.

Jesse: The Browns’ draft will be a success if they are able to land any of the so-called Big 3 wide receivers. However, once the 12th pick rolls around, it’s likely that only Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker will be available. Therefore, I would say the selection of Parker would makes the draft a success.

Paul: Defensive tackle Danny Shelton – He possesses a powerful bull-rush that allowed him to push the center and collapse the pocket. Shelton has surprisingly good mobility for his size and plays with great effort in pursuit. He has the innate ability to locate the football quickly and has great short burst to close on the ball carrier. Where Shelton could fall on draft day comes down to scheme and need, despite how his production would indicate he is not a consistent pass-rushing threat. Shelton is more of a traditional two-gap run-stopper with the strength to bull-rush opponents.

Shelton would be an ideal fit for a team that needs a run stopper or a traditional nose tackle. He is a big and strong interior defensive lineman who finished off his senior year with AP All-American honors, recording 93 tackles, including 16.5 tackles for loss and 9 sacks. Shelton has a wide frame that allows him to anchor and hold, even against double teams that were thrown his way often. Shelton would fit the need the Browns are looking for in a high-motor player who has the ability to hold the line and take on double teams while allowing an edge defender to go free toward the quarterback.

But his skills as a two-gap run stopper are what should really draw the Browns’ attention. His quick burst and ability to shed lineman and tackle the ball carrier nearby is exactly what the Browns defense needs.

Tom: My heart says Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, who could be the type of dynamic talent that could solve the ongoing quarterback nightmare and capture the town’s imagination. Mariota is a bigger, better and more stable player than Johnny Manziel.

As exciting as Manziel was at Texas A&M, we would watch his games and, while entertaining, we were not comfortable envisioning watching him for 16 games a season in the NFL. We’ve never had that feeling about Mariota.

My head says defense first and foremost. If the Browns can add two impact players to an improving defense it may not matter who the quarterback is; if the other team can’t score it’s hard to lose. If he is available, that player is Washington defensive tackle Danny Shelton.

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