Cleveland Browns veteran QBs have been bridge to nowhere

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So now that we’ve established the history of the Browns and bridge quarterbacks since 1999, does that mean the past is prelude to the future?

Well, not necessarily.

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As we pointed out a few weeks ago, the Browns clearly have a better offensive line than Tampa’s, and that was before adding Cameron Erving in the draft. Pro Football Focus ranked Tampa’s offensive line as the 25th-worst in the NFL last season, meaning that McCown should see his sack numbers go down.

The Browns also have a better running game that the Buccaneers, who were led by Doug Martin (494 rushing yards) and Bobby Rainey (406 yards). So that should help take some additional pressure off of McCown.

But as a soon-to-be 36-year-old quarterback, McCown is what he is at this stage of his career – a placeholder until someone better comes along, whomever that may be.

Hopefully, McCown knows his limitations and won’t try to do what he can’t in the offense. And with the team’s renewed emphasis on the running game, there is a chance that McCown won’t be asked to do much and can be serviceable.

So, no, just because the Browns have repeatedly tried and failed every time they’ve entered the veteran quarterback market since 1999 doesn’t mean that history will repeat itself again this fall.

Of course, we tell ourselves the same thing every spring when the NFL Draft rolls around and the Browns are linked to a quarterback in the first round. The club has yet to draft a viable quarterback in the first round since entering the NFL in 1950, despite repeated attempts.

So why should this be any different?

How comfortable are you with the thought of Josh McCown as the starting quarterback in 2015?