Cleveland Browns new uniforms earn low marks from Uni Watch


The Cleveland Browns unveiled their new uniforms to much fanfare last month, but they failed to impress at least one media member who focuses on the nuances of uniforms.

Paul Lukas released his Uni Watch Power Rankings and dropped the Browns four spots to No. 20. Lukas writes that:

"There’s no getting around it: This season’s most ballyhooed makeover is a downgrade. The helmet is fine, but the jersey feels high school-ish, and the pants, with that big, honking “Browns” lettering down the sides, are embarrassing. Granted, we can’t be sure about any of this until we see how everything looks on the field and how they choose to mix and match their jerseys and pants, but the early indications are not good."

In listing the criteria for how he ranked the uniforms, Lukas does point out one factor that works against the Browns:

"Certain rankings here are, by necessity, somewhat speculative. The Browns’ new uniform set, for example, hasn’t yet appeared on the field, so we can only go by how the unis looked at the team’s unveiling event. Ditto for the 49ers’ new black alternate design. In addition, at least two teams –  the Packers and Dolphins – will have new throwback uniforms for 2015 that haven’t yet been released."

It’s hard to argue with Lukas’ ranking of Cleveland’s new uniforms. They are OK, but could have easily been better, as we pointed out when the uniforms were first unveiled.

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The main problem is because the white jerseys have orange numerals, and the orange jerseys have white numerals, if the club pairs those with anything other than the brown pants they have a very noticeable lack of the color brown. Which is kind of odd, since the color Brown is in the team name. The team could have solved that, and kept with tradition, by adding brown numerals to the white jerseys, but chose to go in a different direction.

At least the Browns are ahead of Baltimore (No. 23) and Cincinnati (a much-deserved No. 31) in the rankings, but far fall behind Pittsburgh, which Lukas puts at the very top of the list.

What do you think about the uniform ranking? Where would you rank them?

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