Johnny Manziel emoji showcases Johnny Football

Yes, that’s right, Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel officially has his own emoji.

The website SportsManias created the emoji along with numerous others featuring every NFL team. However, per usual, Johnny Football tends to garner much of the attention.

Although the former first-round pick has retired the classic “money sign” SportsManias inexplicably made sure to incorporate it in his emoji. The emoji features Manziel in his white No. 2 Browns jersey and has him doing his former money sign. It’s quite obvious that it’s actually Manziel upon first glance, which at times can be difficult at times when it comes to emojis.

Here it is:

“We created this keyboard because fantasy football trash-talking is an art form, and we want SportsManias users to dominate this aspect of the game, too,” Vicente Fernandez, co-founder at SportsManias, said in a press release. “Nothing like this has ever existed for fantasy football. Between our new fantasy news feeds and this keyboard, SportsManias users will be fully equipped for the season.”

Interesting that the player representing the Cleveland Browns for this is a bench player, however they took it easy on Manziel.

Some of the others are absolutely brutal, such as Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler, which has him smoking a cigarette. Also, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are represented by No. 1 overall pick Jameis Winston, whose emoji identifies him by a bib with a crab on it as he holds crab crackers. Of course, both of these are beyond funny, but also take a shot at some of the past decisions the two players have made.

Considering the controversial history of Manziel, he and Browns fans are both lucky SportsManias depicted him in a mostly positive light.

If you are so inclined, you can download the emojis here.