Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Film Room Session

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Source: NFL Game Pass

Another positive to take away from Manziel’s performance was his utilization of Barnidge. The Browns have used Barnidge as their primary red-zone threat and have run versions of t his play before (see Barnidge’s touchdown vs. Arizona).

The Browns put trips to the left side and isolate Barnidge on the far right in man-to-man coverage. The play design is a jump ball one-on-one opportunity for Barnidge, who is 6-foot-5, to win over the smaller Will Allen.

On the play, Manziel catches the snap, quickly turns and throws a lob ball to Barnidge. Barnidge gets pressed off the line of scrimmage and is covered tightly. However, Manziel makes a great throw to lead his tight end to where only Barnidge can make the play.

Source: NFL Game Pass

Manziel throws an over-the-shoulder pass right in the bucket of Barnidge. The throw leads Barndige to where only he can get it over Allen, and allows Barnidge to track it down and get passed the disadvantaged cornerback. Manziel displays nice touch and ball placement in connecting on the score to Barnidge.

Source: NFL Game Pass

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