Dawg Pound Daily staff picks: Week 12


The staff at Dawg Pound Daily is back with their picks for Week 12 of the NFL, including the Cleveland Browns game on Monday night.

Welcome back to week 12!

The bye week was refreshing for all of us here at Dawg Pound Daily, maybe a little too refreshing for newly demoted quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Well, Manziel may have been demoted but we are still chugging along with our weekly NFL picks!

So without further ado here are our week 12 picks along with our Browns bold prediction for their lone Monday Night Football appearance since 2008!

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53. Josh McCown rides to the rescue and keeps the Browns from being embarrassed on Monday Night Football. Browns 24, Baltimore 17 . (50-33). Previous: 1st. Thomas Moore. 1. team

I don’t really expect Baltimore to be in this game. They don’t have Flacco or Forsett, and they are starting Matt Schaub. The Browns win an uninspiring dead rubber. Nobody cares. Browns 21, Ravens 10. (49-34). Previous: t-2th. Murray Alexander. 2. team. 53

(47-36). Previous: t-2th. Steven Kubitza. 3. team. 53. As soon as we think there is a sense of normalcy at the quarterback position, Johnny Manziel has been relegated to third string. A broken Josh McCown will start instead, and thanks to no Joe Flacco or Justin Forsett, the Browns actually have a shot at winning this game. Browns 27, Ravens 20

team. 26. I think so little of this game I couldn’t be bothered to think of a potential score, so I’m going with a field goal to a safety. This is only a big game because the loser will likely lock up the number 1 overall pick with it. The Manziel era is over before it even started so here’s hoping Cleveland doesn’t get out-Clevelanded by Baltimore and can lose this game and keep working towards that top pick so they can take another swing at a franchise quarterback next year. Ravens 3, Browns 2. (46-37). Previous: 4th. Brandon Lambert. 4

5. team. 53. Well, Johnny Football became Johnny “Benched” during the bye week as Pettine and the gang nailed the young, troubled quarterback back to the pine. McCown back in at QB and the last time he faced the hated Ravens threw for 450+ yards. No Flacco for the ratbirds as he tore his ACL last week against the Rams. Flacco boasted a 13-2 record in his career against the Browns. This feels like a game no one wants to win as both teams are entrenched in the battle for the number one pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. So with that being said, Browns do what the Browns do and can’t even lose when they may need to. Browns 27, Ravens 13. (45-38). Previous: t-5th. Giovanni Castelli

Previous: t-5th. Matthew Stevenson. 6. team. 53. Josh McCown is the starter against Baltimore on MNF and he broke the Browns’ franchise record for most passing yards against them earlier this season. The Ravens have their starting quarterback, running back and wide receiver hurt as Cleveland gets their defensive backs healthy. Browns 24, Ravens 14. (44-39)

team. 53. In what has been another lost season, the Browns capture a victory <span class=. (43-40). Previous: 8th. Eric Szczepinski. 7

8. team. 26. On the ground where <span class=. (41-42). Previous: t-5th. Roger Cohen